Stella interactions…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s adjectives are: Lugubrious, Lucid, Brackish, and Effete.

‘Landscape No 92.’ (2010) Charcoal and pencil on paper. About 28″ x 20″.

‘Here we go again…’
‘What do you mean, “Here we go again.”?
‘Well David, it’s another of your bleak apocalyptic miserable bloody ‘cities of the future’ – graphic, anti-capitalist, deep-green, rants – with knobs on!’
‘Don’t you ever do anything else?’
‘Stella, you know I do all sorts of things, I only occasionally do my bleak apocalyptic miserable bloody cities of the…’
‘This tea isn’t very nice!’
‘Isn’t it? Mine’s all right, it’s Taylor’s of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea, as usual – maybe you got the scaly water from the bottom of the kettle in yours.’
‘I don’t see any people…’
‘In your crap city… Not even a de Chirico child rolling a hoop!’
‘No, I think they might be all indoors watching the bloody Olympics on their big fat televisions oblivious of the dreary ugliness and…’
‘Ha! Back at you Stella!’
‘So you’ve got this awful landscape with nobody in it… Is it because you find it too difficult to draw people David? You have always been too scared to put figures into your work – life drawing was never your strong point – was it David?’
‘Possibly… but the inclusion of even one human being does seem to take the edge of the bleakness don’t you think Stella?…’
‘Well if it’s ‘bleakness’ that you are after, I suppose… I see that there are no biscuits out today… a nice biscuit would take the edge off this bad tea David…’
‘I forgot to get any – there’s half a bar of old Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut chocolate in the kitchen cupboard – I use it to put in the mousetraps…’
‘You are such a lovely host David… I can see slabs…’
‘The slabs that look like sculptures, or perhaps fallen tombstones, in the foreground – Oh, and the clouds with windows in them – oh, and the ‘X’s in the sky hinting that the beauty of the stars and planets has been cancelled out by the pollution, leaving only ugly negative marks to show their positions in God’s heavenly velvety vault…’
”Heavenly velvety vault’? Really?’
‘Yes, and I see your reference to greed and industry inevitably taking animate form, buildings and machines mutating under commands from their software into great concrete and steel brutes of commerce – look there is a watching eye growing on that one already… Perhaps if you made more tea, but in a nice teapot this time…’
‘Well, Stella, I’m glad that you like my drawing…’
‘I didn’t say that I liked it! I was just describing the obvious symbolism that you predictably trot out time after time…’
‘Sure you wouldn’t like a piece of mousetrap chocolate with your next cuppa? There’s not really much mould on it…’

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About Dave Whatt

Grumpy old surrealist artist, musician, postcard maker, bluesman, theatre set designer, and debonair man-about-town. My favourite tools are the plectrum and the pencil...
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