The Dead Bod on the shed…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s expletive is ‘Sbores!’ – a rather obscure 17th century oath – possible coming from ‘God’s pores’, similar to those better known oaths ‘God’s bones’ and ‘God’s blood’. God’s pores – I wonder if God uses a good quality moisturiser?

Shall I have another trawl through the pile of old black and white photos from my days of old-style film and darkroom photography?

EPSON scanner imageIsn’t this magnificent and also a bit puzzling dear reader?
I think this picture might require a some explanation, mind you, this will be my explanation based mostly on guesswork – there may be a deeper significance to this striking image and the accompanying words that I am missing… However…
The picture was taken in the 1980s on a jetty on the north bank of the River Humber, by the East Hull docks… The graffito is on the side of a disused shed/warehouse which faces the river. I suspect that it was deliberately painted boldly and of a size that could be seen from passing ships and barges as they passed up and down.
‘Dead Bod’ obviously means ‘dead bird’ – birds are, or rather were in the past, often referred to as ‘bods’ in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire – as in ‘dicky-bod’ and ‘feeding the bods’ etc. This usage has probably died out a bit by now.
If you examine the bird painting closely you can see that it looks as if it has been repainted over a previous version, which has perhaps faded and peeled off in the wind and rain – I wonder how far back this image goes?
Aha!… I have just Googled it and actually found something: ‘Painted by Captain Len (Pongo) Rood and Chief Engineer Gordon Mason in the 1960s.’ If you desperately need to learn more about this landmark just type in ‘Dead Bod Hull UK.’ into your browser, there are a few items available for further study.
I really like the style of the bod – I reckon it wouldn’t look out of place in a Picasso or Chagall painting – a nice simple and naive form – it could also be something copied straight from a wall in an ancient Egyptian tomb, don’t you think?…

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5 Responses to The Dead Bod on the shed…

  1. seriousartcritic says:

    I remember taking an expedition to the Bod with friend Pat Courtney around 1999. At the time Hull City Council were proposing some weird cog-like symbol as the new city logo. We ran a short lived poster campaign for the Bod, not the Cog, as the new logo. Fun times – as a certain daughter would no doubt say.

  2. Your comment about the resemblance to Egyptian art is very astute. Egyptian art is so simple and straight forward that it is timeless as is your bird.

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