Now, where did I put that thesaurus?…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s snapshot is the one of me with HRH Prince Charles at Balmoral Castle in 1972 – look at us, arm-in-arm, grinning at the camera…

Following on from yesterday’s post featuring that 1960s Badger Book of supernatural short stories by R. Lionel Fanthorpe, I thought that I might share with you an interesting piece of prose I bothered to copy out from another of his books a few years ago.

This is from Badger Book SN81 – another ‘Supernatural Special’.

‘There were witches and demonesses there, there were elemental spirits and peculiar dwarfs and trolls. There were hobgoblins and kobolds, there were flibbertigibbets and imps, there were sprites and hobs. There were changelings, pigwidgeons, poltergeists, and gremlins, there were evil spirits and dark departed shades; there were zombies and revenants, there were haunters and walkers, spectres and apparitions, phantoms and phantasms in uncountable numbers. Brendan Casey saw hideous shapes and shades; he saw wraiths and presciences, doppelgängers, cacodemons and familiar spirits. There were lamirs, rakshaki, kelpies and banshees. There were vampires and lycanthropes, were-folk, incubi, succubi, furies, harpies and gorgons. There were things there that the limited mythological knowledge of Casey was unable to classify…’

If you liked this, you will like this very good site all about R.L.F. (Click)

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