A Short Guide to Great Britain (6)…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s existential angst is centred around the idea of Ohm’s Law.

Today we’ll have another peek into that nice little junk shop book A Short Guide to Great Britain from back in 1942. Copies of it were handed out to all the US service folk who came over here to give us a hand with sorting out those Nazis.

DSCN3749How about pages 10 and 11?

The People – Their Customs and Manners.
The best way to get on in Britain is very much the same as the best way to get on in America. The same sort of courtesy and decency and friendliness that go over big in America will go over big in Britain…
They will like your frankness as long as it is friendly…
They are not given to back-slapping and they are shy about showing their affections. But once they get to like you they make the best friends in the world.

The British Like Sports.
The British of all classes are enthusiastic about sports, both as amateurs and as spectators of professional sports. They love to shoot, they love to play games, they ride horses and bet on horse races, they fish. (But be careful where you hunt and fish. Fishing and hunting rights are often private property.)


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