A Short Guide to Great Britain. (9)…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s financial forecast is for money to be very very good, and lack of money to be very very bad.

Shall we yet again dip into that fascinating little junk shop book A Short Guide to Great Britain which dates from the dark days of 1942? It was produced and distributed to all the US service personnel who came over here back then, to help us sort out nasty Adolph and his ghastly henchmen, to give them a feel of this country and its people.

DSCN3749Today shall we have a pick through pages 16 and 17?

In the pubs you will hear a lot of Britons openly criticizing their government and the conduct of the war. That isn’t an occasion for you to put in your two-cents worth. It’s their business, not yours. You sometimes criticize members of your own family – but just let an outsider start doing the same, and you know how you feel!
The Briton is just as outspoken and independent as we are. But don’t get him wrong. He is also the most law-abiding citizen in the world, because the British system of justice is just about the best there is. There are fewer murders, robberies and burglaries in the whole of Great Britain in a year than in a single large American city…
The British are leisurely – but not really slow. Their crack trains held world speed records. A British ship held the trans-Atlantic record. A British car and a British driver set world speed records in America.
Do not be offended if Britishers do not pay as full respects to national or regimental colors as Americans do. The British do not treat the flag as such an important symbol as we do.


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2 Responses to A Short Guide to Great Britain. (9)…

  1. Jess says:

    “crack trains”?

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