His Ebenezer was surprisingly wooden…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s sound is that of a large anvil falling onto a drum kit from a great height – I particularly like the lingering sound of the dented cymbals rolling across the floor after the main impact.

Here’s an iteration of an old post from the dark days when I was blogging on that old thing called Myspace. Anyone here remember Myspace?…
‘Iteration’ – now there’s a technical/maths word that becoming very trendy these days, I heard it on a radio business programme only last night – I thought I’d slip it in this morning as I have never used it before. (I suppose ‘reiteration’ is used a lot more that ‘iteration’.) I had to check on getting the right number of ‘t’s and ‘r’s in it though… it turned out to be pretty straightforward really.

This is a short piece from a crisp day in early January a few years ago:

Over three or four days during the Christmas holiday there were at least eight versions, both live action and animated, of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (written in 1843) on the TV – and quite right too – it’s a really great spooky, but uplifting, tale.

Channel Four with Kelsey Grammer.
Channel Five with Alastair Sim.
ITV 3 with Ross Kemp.
BBC 2 with Rowan Atkinson.
Channel Four with Bill Murray.
Five USA with Patrick Stewart.
‘Living’ with Steven Weber.
Film 4 with Simon Callow.
Oh, and there was a version on BBC Radio 4, but I can’t recall who was in it.

And no, I didn’t catch them all dear reader – I wasn’t quite that desperate, but considering the poor quality of TV over the period I might as well have. I suppose I could have rated their quality in marks out of ten, but really, who would be interested? I’m surprise you are still with me on this piece… E. Scrooge is such a good part for actors – they must be fighting each other to get a chance to do it…
My favourite is the old Alastair Sim version from 1951 – I can watch anything with Alasair in it. I did catch a glimpse of the Patrick Stewart one – his Ebenezer was surprisingly wooden… as if his mind was on something else… Patrick is usually so good and classy… He has done Shakespeare you know…



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  1. Best post title ever!

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