Rambling about the news…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s 19th c. US  expletive is ‘I’ll be dadburned!’ – ‘Dad’ and Dod’ were early English dialect forms of ‘God’ – ‘dadburned’ is probably a corrupted version of ‘God-Damned’.

The people who produce radio and TV news for us still seem to be living back in the days of paper newspapers; I suppose the people in charge of the media now are all old seasoned hacks, and it was the way they were taught all those years ago in journalist school. I was just thinking about the names they give to their programmes or shows. Newspapers had, and still have, names like the ‘Mirror’, the ‘Guardian’ the ‘Daily Mail’, the ‘Times’, the ‘Daily Express’, and even the ‘Daily Telegraph’ – I wonder if they still have a telegraph in their office?…
So, now on the radio and TV here in the UK we have news shows which have tried to put the past behind them and have chosen more dynamic made-up names like: ‘Newsnight’ (BBC 2), ‘Today’ (BBC Radio 4), ‘Newsday’ and ‘Newshour’ (BBC World Service) and such like. Of course phrases like ‘Newsnight’ and ‘Newsday’ don’t actually mean anything, and sound, well to me anyway, a bit ‘naff‘ and pretentious. I suppose they think it’s very cool to shout over the flashing thudding orchestral fanfare, ‘This is Newsnight!’ I see that Channel 4 just call theirs ‘Channel 4 News’ and Channel 5 called theirs ‘5 News’ – Good for them!
It is of course all showbiz! These ‘newsreaders’ are really actors – they learn how to dish out carefully selected items of news with just the right amount of emotional spin – not too deadpan and cold, not too tearful and gushing – they seem to like to employ the technique of emphasising random words in their sentences, to make it seem as if they really do understand what it is they are saying, and that they really do care, but also that they are not getting too emotional either – rather in the style of a caring parent having a quiet, but serious word with a puzzled four-year-old.
The satirical ‘news’ show that Christopher Morris did a few years ago got it absolutely right when they named it ‘The Day Today’. (T.D.T.)
I notice that BBC World Service radio are making a feeble attempt to try to be a bit more up to date and cool – three of their current news shows are called ‘World Briefing’, ‘World Update’ and rather strangely, ‘Outside Source’; I think they are trying to introduce us to the pithy jargon of journalism. ‘Outside Source’ on the radio gives us the news very quickly, in a breathless voice, with plenty of background noise from the newsroom floor, to give it a sense of urgency, and for us to have an audio glimpse of all those people sweating at their desks, and to assure us that it is ‘up to the minute news’ that they are dishing out.
It is so embarrassing when the stuffy old pompous BBC radio try to be ‘cool’ in an attempt to attract younger people – younger people who really prefer all things digital, rather than switching a funny old radio on. They produce a weekly show dealing with current social media memes, it is called ‘Trending’ – it’s presented by what sound like two or three excited giggling chatting teenagers, with no sense of… of anything… It is difficult listening…

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