Jim, Spock, Steed, and Mrs Peel…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s financial forecast is for the US dollar to be perky, the pound to be sullen, the euro to be skittish, the yuan to be beaming, and the cowry shell to be glowing in the noonday sun.

Right then, cheese and tomato sandwich, mug of green tea, now what’s on the TV? Ah, what a choice – two great 1960s shows, the original series of Star Trek and the Steed and Mrs Peel series of The Avengers – Oh, I know, I’ll just flick between the two and enjoy them both… Oh, those theme tunes are so good… (The Avengers)

‘Yes, who is it?… Who are you?…’
‘I just might settle down here Jim.’
‘Extraordinary, he must have weighed about ten tons!’
‘Some pretty strange sensor readings Captain.’
‘As if he was practising the ski jump on roller skates?’
‘He’s dead Jim…’
‘Mr Steed?… Mrs Peel?…’
‘We’re losing potency in our anti-matter pods.’
‘We don’t approve of levity Mrs Peel…’
‘Subsurface vibrations for miles in all directions.’
‘An electric fan?’
‘We’ll do the walking Scotty, you deal with the anti-matter pods.’
‘His secret papers? Project 90?…’
‘Other dangers beside poisonous plants!’
‘He fell out of the window?’
‘A humanoid with remarkable agility.’
‘Steed, what was that?…’
‘What is it Mr Spock?’
‘You missed lunch again!’
‘What ever it is – it moves like a cat…’
‘Hello?… Hello? hello?…’
‘A Garden of Eden with landmines Spock!’
‘It was weird – a sound, like that!’
‘Enterprise to Captain Kirk…’
‘I couldn’t stop it Jim, but I know why now.’
‘Steed! steed! Steed!…’
‘Enough to make the whole crew turn hand-springs!…’
‘You don’t happen to have a large brandy, do you?…’
‘Scotty! energize!…’
‘How do you do?… How about a cup of tea?’
‘Captain’s log: supplemental…’
‘Well, this is a pleasant spot…’
‘We are being watched, and followed Captain.’
‘A sherry?…’
‘I can step out of the way as quick as the next man…’
‘Oh, a senseless pipe dream.’
‘Never mind! On the double!…’
‘A cloud of static electricity?’
‘Jim, you couldn’t have stopped any of this…’
‘A Freak phenomenon, a crackling sound Mrs Peel…’
‘I dropped my guard for a minute because I like the smell of growing things.’
‘You are a top-hush girl…’


About Dave Whatt

Grumpy old surrealist artist, musician, postcard maker, bluesman, theatre set designer, and debonair man-about-town. My favourite tools are the plectrum and the pencil...
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