Dark chocolate dreaming…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s sound is that distinctive metallic gurgling of a discarded half-full can of Diet Coke rolling across the floor of the bus as it goes round corners.

Oh dear, I’ve done it again! I really mustn’t eat 72% dark chocolate late in the evenings – it makes me too buzzy and lively. Between 1 am. and 2.3o am. I found myself still up and working one of my ‘spatter’ paintings, and then I was slapping a coat of MDF sealant (MDF: medium density fibreboard) on my new ‘Homage to Magritte’ art work, (I’ll be sure to let you know how this piece progresses) Later, after reading a couple of chapters of Harry Bleachbaker by N F Simpson I managed to get off to sleep:

So, here we all are, late afternoon, a bright low yellow sun from the west illuminating the edges of the streets and towers… this is of course, London… it’s a long walk up this hill, but look, there is a fine vista of tall office blocks below – the coloured clouds are creeping lethargically across their sky, could that be the Thames glinting down in the hazy distance? These concrete pavements are so hot and dusty underfoot… and who are these people I’m with? Am I on some sort of guided tour?… Come on… let’s cross this great wide road at the top of the hill… See, there’s a gap in the traffic!… Hello, that’s very odd… it’s that couple who used to live a few doors down… what are they doing in London, I thought they were in Australia… they seem to have their complete family with them… they all look so very pale… blanched, one might say… Ah, here’s the London chap we are meeting… now, what’s his name? I should know it… This way, he’s showing us into a low concrete building – he says, ‘This is the place…’ The people from Australia are round-faced, sweating slightly, but smiling broadly…
Inside it is dark, it’s like a night club, it has a low ceiling and the walls and the pipes are painted black, the floor seems to be made of soft maroon rubber… to the right, near a wall, I can see the white ropes of a boxing ring. My friend Debb says that we should really be going back soon, but I wasn’t sure in which direction back was… I thought that if we headed right towards the setting sun it would… but I was just guessing. We followed the tall chap (did his name begin with a ‘G’?), into another low room. He was very tall and had black unruly, but shiny, curly hair… who was he?…
I said, ‘Which way should we go when we get outside,’ and then added, ‘and which is the nearest tube station?’ (I am always sensible in my dreams)
He said, ‘Oh, that will be Hambone Station.’  ‘Hambone?’ I said, ‘I’ve never heard of that one, are you sure?’ ‘That’s the closest one,’ he said. Oh, now, just a minute – what’s that squealing sound? We all looked around, it was very loud in those cramped hard-walled rooms…
It was the phone. I had slept in until 11 o’clock. The call was my neighbour asking if I’d heard any thumps in the night. I said that I hadn’t. Five minutes later the phone rang again, it was my friend Debb, whom I hadn’t heard from for a week or two. I asked her if she knew of a stop on the London Underground called ‘Hambone Station’. She said that she didn’t…


About Dave Whatt

Grumpy old surrealist artist, musician, postcard maker, bluesman, theatre set designer, and debonair man-about-town. My favourite tools are the plectrum and the pencil...
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2 Responses to Dark chocolate dreaming…

  1. Michael says:

    Last night: I was going to take a photo with a pinhole camera. The camera was made out of…a coffee mug. I could see the image of the house in Middlesbrough at night, it looked fantastic ! But no film. I asked my mother – do you have any sheet film ? She said “No, only roll film . I think you can get it from Timothy Whites…”

    Did you ever read ‘The Unconsoled’ ?

    • Dave Whatt says:

      Hm, you do really need sheet film for a coffee mug camera…
      ‘The Unconsoled’: someone once recommended it, (was it you Michael?) I did read it… I didn’t get on with it at all… I managed to finish the book, but threw it across the room in anger after the last page…. But if it was you that recommended it, thank you for the suggestion – I like to think that I’m still open to new things.

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