A Short Guide to Great Britain (15)…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s anteater is the one that doesn’t like the taste of ants very much.

I hope, over the weeks, you have enjoyed looking at that little book, discovered in a junk shop, published back in dark days of World War II – A Short Guide to Great Britain, by the US War and Navy Departments; it was to hand out to all the US service people who came over in 1942. The general idea of it seems to be that we should go and set about Adolph and his grisly gang of stiffs rather than pick petty fights with each other.

DSCN3749We have now, dear reader, come to our final installment which deals with money:
A unit of money, not shown on the following page, which you will sometimes see advertised in the better stores, is the guinea (pronounced “ginny” with the “g” hard as in “go”). It is worth 21 shillings, or one pound plus one shilling. There is no actual coin of this value in use.

A coin not shown in the table is the gold sovereign, with a value of one pound. You will read about it in English literature, but you will probably never see one and need not bother about it.

DSCN4161Well, that all seems pretty straightforward… doesn’t it?…

Note: I see that our transatlantic cousin, probably the first owner of this book, has pencilled in ‘or tanner’ after the entry for ‘sixpence’ – it was the slang term for that coin.


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