‘Enquire Within’. (3). Jean and boot-web…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s financial forecast is for everyone to get fat and rich… well, not everyone of course…

Oh, what’s this sticking its grubby red spine out from my neat bookshelf? Oh, it’s that old junk shop book, The Daily Express Enquire Within from 1934. It’s worth a look at the title page, if only for that nice globe emblem – ‘globe emblem’ – oh, don’t those words trip off the tongue nicely?… Globe emblem…

DSCN4009Let’s have a quick thumb through; it’s good to learn new things…

Page 287.
(31) Milk of bitter almonds, seven ounces; bichloride of mercury, four grains; spirits of rosemary, one ounce; bathe the eruption with this lotion three times a day.

Page 180.
French Vingt-un or Variations. (2).
(Imaginary tens) Each of the players stakes before receiving a card. Ten points are added to the value of his card, and the holder decides, according to the amount then made, to draw or otherwise.

Page 479.
To Make Life Belts.
Take a yard and three-quarters of strong jean, double and divide into nine compartments. Let there be a space of two inches after each third compartment. Fill the compartments with very fine cuttings of cork, which may be made from cutting up old corks, or (still better) purchased at a cork-cutter’s… Attach a neckband and waist-strings of stout boot-web, and sew them on strongly.

Page 261.
Rat Destruction.
Under the Rats and Mice Destruction Act, 1919, occupiers of land and buildings are made liable to a penalty of £5 for failure to destroy rats and mice on their premises, or to a penalty of £20 in the event of failure after having received notice of failure to comply with the provisions of the act.

Page 348.
Addressing Letters.
(iv) When addressing a letter to two or more unmarried ladies, write “The Misses Johnson” and not “The Miss Johnsons”; and lastly, always write the address clearly and legibly, so that it may not be delayed in delivery, nor be missent.

Page 353.
Dinner Parties.
(ix) Each gentleman during dinner should attend to the wants of the lady placed under his care, and choose subjects of conversation likely to prove agreeable to her.
(x) Keep you napkin on your knees; do not tuck a corner of it down your neck.
(xi) Endeavour to keep pace with the other diners, and do not have a second helping if by doing so you will delay the service.

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