Two brief items…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s existential angst is centred around the sound of the word bismuth.

If only…
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place… a place you could go… just once in a while, a place away from this cold hard competitive world, a place where people were nice to you, were pleased to see you, and made you feel wanted, and would tell you that everything is going to be alright… and that life is very much worth living…?
Oh, hang on! There are such places. They are called ‘churches’… Damn!…
Pity I’m an atheist… I wonder if I could sneak in and pretend… Perhaps just one Sunday?… Ooh, just the thought of it made me shudder…

Bus stop incident…
I was standing alone at the bus stop. I became aware of footsteps, and a female voice, approaching behind me; the voice was saying what sounded like, ‘Die… die… die…’
That was a bit worrying… A youngish thin woman in jeans appeared at my side; she was holding a beer can in her hand; she took a swig from it, and said, ‘Die?… Die?… Whassa-die?…’
I said that I couldn’t understand what she was asking me, so she repeated it slowly a few times for me as if I were an idiot. I quickly realised that she had a strong London accent and was actually asking me what the day’s date was, ‘Date… Date… What’s the date?…’ she was saying.
‘It’s the 23rd…’ I said.
She nodded, took another gulp from her tin, and wandered through the traffic across the road waving to an acquaintance whom she had just spotted waiting at the bus stop on the other side…
After a few minutes my bus arrived.

About Dave Whatt

Grumpy old surrealist artist, musician, postcard maker, bluesman, theatre set designer, and debonair man-about-town. My favourite tools are the plectrum and the pencil...
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6 Responses to Two brief items…

  1. The sound of the word bismuth does excite angst in me.

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