Television forensics…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s elephant in the room is the one hogging all the sherry trifle with his trunk at the buffet table.

Yes, I do occasionally watch those US ‘real life’ forensic/crime detective shows on the TV. I find it quite satisfying the way science can bring those awful cocky miscreants to justice. The shows do get a bit exploitative and gory though, when they re-enact the crime for us at the end, with odd lighting, tilted camera angles, and dramatic music, to show us how it was perpetrated.
A couple of things that I have noticed in passing about the American police is that a lot of them seem to be rather overweight, have funny names, have remarkably bad skin, and that the ones in country regions seem very keen on wearing big hats, even when indoors – big hats indoors? I don’t get that at all…
I watched one of these shows last night and jotted down a few items of the voice-over to give you a feel of the thing:

Fly into a possessive rage  – still no solid leads – foot searches – it was the polar opposite – in the process of breaking up – something very fishy – his demeanor had changed – had a glowing reputation – his story isn’t adding up – and that was another red flag – that rage came up inside – no body, no weapon – a dark side to his devotion – ended their sexual relationship – banging on the window – he might become violent – we had proximity – holed up at his beach house – the involvement of the FBI – to another level – a whole new layer – a large male boot print – seeing several other women – he was calm and collected – a sinister secret of her own – a new oriental rug – he was clearly not happy – no usable prints – particularly the blood spatter – where the dumpster was deposited – before the grand jury – anchor, boat, body – the gruesome task – to lay a careful trap – to spill his guts – a chain wrapped around it – and still it wouldn’t sink – forever etched in his memory – within his grasp – a plane to who knows where? – first degree murder in handcuffs – the S.O.B. is in jail – a phone call out of the blue – a key piece of evidence – divine intervention – ended up in the dumpster – a pistol for her protection – a fit of jealously after dinner – the pistol discharged – his defense lawyer – they deliberate for three days – murder in the first degree – now in his prison cell – a lot of crying – justice was finally done…


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  1. memadtwo says:

    things are always fishy…

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