‘Enquire Within.’ (10). The man becomes a Queen…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s colours are: blue, blue, blue, blue, turquoise, blue, blue, blue, and blue.

This morning dear reader I’m in the mood for knowledge…
Let’s reach up and take that battered old copy of The Daily Express Enquire Within from 1934, a junk shop book, bought for fifty pence, down from the bookshelf.
It is a drab-looking volume so not worth a photograph, but I will show you the title page with its very nice globe motif:

DSCN4009I’ll just thumb through these musty pages and pick out one or two interesting items from the distant world of Britain in 1934. Across the top of each page is printed a random line of pithy wisdom, I will include that too:
By the way, as I copy these items out for you, I have a great urge to comment on them, but I will refrain, and will leave them as they are printed.

Page 11. (A wise physician, skilled our wounds to heal, is more than armies to the commonweal.)
Lobsters, recently caught, have always some remains of muscular action in the claws, which may be excited by pressing the eyes with a finger; when this cannot be produced, the lobster must have been too long kept.

Page 155. (Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!)
Draughts : Polish Game. – This game is played on a board of 100 squares with 20 men aside. In taking the men move backwards as well as forwards. A man reaching the crown head goes on taking any men that are en prise, and does not stop to be crowned as in the English game. If no men are en prise at the crown head, the man becomes a Queen and can then move over any number of squares.

Page 347. (He doeth well who doeth good to those of his own brotherhood.)
Hints on Conversation. The woman who wishes her conversation to be agreeable will avoid conceit, affectation, and loud laughter. Her lips will readily yield to a pleasant smile, she will not love to hear herself talk; her tones will bear the impress of sincerity, and her eyes will kindle with animation as she speaks.

Page 422. (Honest loss is preferable to shameful gain.)
To Loosen Glass Stoppers in Bottles. – With a feather rub a drop or two of salad oil around the stopper close to the mouth of the bottle or decanter, which must then be placed before the fire, at the distance of about eighteen inches; the heat will cause the oil to insinuate itself between the stopper and the neck. When the bottle has grown warm, gently strike the stopper on one side, and then the other, with any light wooden instrument; then try it with the hand…

Page 441. (Look on the bright side of everything.)
Borax in the Toilet. – As a wash for the mouth add half a teaspoonful of spirits of camphor, and a teaspoonful of tincture of myrrh to a pint of hot water, in which half an ounce of borax has been dissolved, and use a wineglassful of this mixture in half a tumbler of water, when brushing the teeth. When the mouth is washed out with this solution it removes the smell of tobacco and any unpleasant odour arising from decayed teeth.


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6 Responses to ‘Enquire Within.’ (10). The man becomes a Queen…

  1. Good grief! Who has feathers and light wooden instruments lying around….? And I’m sure the dentist would be pleased at the Borax mixture! pfft!

  2. Wise words, there’s where i’ve been going wrong with my conversation

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