What’s this?… Avenger Trek?…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s fruit is the single hairy rambutan snuggling in amongst the satsumas in the fruit bowl on the sideboard. (R)

Hm, I see that there is an episode of the 1960s The Avengers just starting on the TV, oh, and on a different channel there’s an episode of the original 1960s Star Trek. Oh dear, I’m torn between them, which shall I watch?
I know, I’ll just flick between the two and watch them both!…

‘Captain’s log, stardate 1513 point one…’
‘Mrs Peel! It’s no time to be nodding off!’
‘A long dead civilisation?…’
‘My name is John Steed, oh excuse me!’
‘That one woman in Dr McCoy’s past…’
‘There’s a touch of fantasy about all this isn’t there?’
‘I’ve heard a great deal about you Captain.’
‘The Prime Minister is waiting for me.’
‘On Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet?’
‘Excellent Mrs Peel!’
‘Go back where you came from!’
‘Your nerves jangle like wires in the wind.’
‘With the eyes of your past Doctor.’
‘I’m going to scream in a moment – and I have excellent lungs.’
‘He just took a bite from it Jim…’
‘It’s a ghastly bore… Go carefully Steed!’
‘Three to beam up Scotty.’
‘Aaaarh! Bending it, stretching it!’
‘Vulcan has no moon Uhura…’
‘Did I say that?…’
‘A romantic haze…’
‘I’m school’s games mistress Mr Steed.’
‘With red rings on his face!’
‘Here’s your cocoa…’
‘They give me a belly ache!’
‘I never left my bed in the night.’
‘A twilight country ramble?’
‘Smell it Nancy! Smell it!…’
‘Might I lure you away from pure brain-work?’
‘Stop thinking with your glands!’
‘It’s a very pleasant feeling you know.’
‘Take one of those red pills Bones.’
‘The best idea yet Mr Steed.’
‘Some strange life-form… I’m armed! Go away!’
‘You will all go back to bed!’
‘Stand by Mr Sulu!’
‘Now report to the gymnasium.’
‘She can assume any shape!…’
‘That was a very bad mistake Mrs Peel!…’
‘Salt has been set out as bait.’
‘Get the girl, get the girl!’
‘Your reasoning is reckless Doctor.’
‘Think what it could do with my income tax returns!…’
‘The creature crushed my phaser Captain.’
‘A marvellous idea Mrs Peel.’
‘No! No!… Are you insane?’
‘Look out Steed!’
‘Watch out!’
‘Preparing to leave orbit Captain.’
‘How about a drink?…’
‘Warp one Mr Sulu…’


About Dave Whatt

Grumpy old surrealist artist, musician, postcard maker, bluesman, theatre set designer, and debonair man-about-town. My favourite tools are the plectrum and the pencil...
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6 Responses to What’s this?… Avenger Trek?…

  1. Oooh Lychees…I adore them. I did a post about mine here https://scribbleartie.wordpress.com/?s=lychees! although they weren’t hairy like yours. If I had a hairy one, I think some googly eyes would make for a very cute little monster! And personally I would have switched to full on Star Trek….Mr Spock was quite handsome with those pointy ears and narrowed eyes, haha!

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