Some song lyrics misheard over the cafe hubbub…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s quotation is from Vladimir Nabokov’s 1930 novel The Luzhin Defense:
He jumped up again, almost falling as the streetcar swerved, and sat closer to the door. But here too he could not keep his seat – and when suddenly the car filled up with a horde of schoolboys, a dozen old ladies and fifty fat men, Luzhin continued to move about, treading on people’s feet, and finally pushing his way onto the platform. Catching sight of his house, he left the car on the move; the asphalt swept beneath his left heel, then turned and struck him in the back, and his cane, after getting tangled in his legs, suddenly leapt out like a released spring, flew through the air and landed beside him.

‘Myrrh, myrrh, too, yeah!’
‘Babe I got a wumma.’
‘I do, I swear, me soap ad…’
‘Baby baby, we crazy!…’
‘Do-oo-oo, do-oo-oo…’
‘Nye-nye, oh cloudy love…’
‘I came to your cheeks girl.’
‘Terrible on my back again.’
‘Some bone, cross wind, my friend.’
‘Spoon-dog truth, it’s all I can take.’
‘Just my song, your juicy smile.’
‘You melted toffees, oh, oh, oh.’
‘But what is the ti-e-i-e-ime?’
‘Your boxes don’t mind me now.’
‘You arty – you weld!…’
‘Gotch you, gotch you, gotch you!’
‘You need like, middle pins.’
‘I don’t wanna moon, no no.’
‘Waddle nagga, nar-ah-ha…’
‘Crazy girl, I’d paint a mile!’
‘Never never sophomore…’
‘Niches a liddle while, nuke Luke.’
‘Now a leather sister, hey hey!’
‘I’m deep in the swamp here girl.’
‘Narm narm, cheese complete.’
‘Yes, I’m steel… meaty thunder!’
‘That wet smile I trowel…’
‘Catty dent, hardy tent!’
‘Mood ding… bring your own pillow…’

Try intoning this loudly with some sloppy Brahms playing in the background.


About Dave Whatt

Grumpy old surrealist artist, musician, postcard maker, bluesman, theatre set designer, and debonair man-about-town. My favourite tools are the plectrum and the pencil...
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11 Responses to Some song lyrics misheard over the cafe hubbub…

  1. ‘Just my song, your juicy smile.’
    ‘You melted toffees, oh, oh, oh. I love this bit! Imagine having such a juicy smile that sweets just melt in its vicinity, haha!

    • Dave Whatt says:

      Hm… what tune are you singing it to?… Ho ho ho!…

      • Hmm, thats a difficult one. No tune came immediately to mind…..what were you listening to?

      • Dave Whatt says:

        Ah… oh… er… ‘Sweet Jane’ by Lou Reed… possibly, I seem to have the guitar riff in head all the time…

      • OH! I love this song…in fact I love the Velvet Underground! Nice earworm 😀 Currently I have Jefferson Airplane “White Rabbit” stuck in my head.

      • Dave Whatt says:

        After all these years I have only just learned to play the ‘Sweet Jane’ riff properly!
        ‘White Rabbit’ seems to be cropping up on Fbook and Twitter a lot lately – don’t know why…

      • Well I heard it on Planet Rock radio the other day. Lemme hear your riff then! 😀

      • Dave Whatt says:

        Er… Oh… How?…
        Hopefully my riff sounds just like Lou’s… It’s a bit more tricky than it sounds – it’s the timing…and the ups and downs of the plectrum…

      • I’m sure it does. And yes the plectrum helps,although they are fiddly wee things. Mine keep getting caught in the strings and making a terrible racket. I once saw a busker in Edinburgh playing the guitar with his feet and toes!! Amazing dexterity. He had all his limbs, mind you, no disability…he just chose to play like that.

      • Dave Whatt says:

        Plectrums, er, excuse me, plectra…
        Do you play? What do you play?
        Playing blues, I like a ‘gritty’ sound and have adapted (invented?) the plectrums I use – I think I once wrote as blog piece on it, with a photograph…
        Sounds to me like that chap has a bit too much free time in his life…

      • Erm….well, “play” is perhaps a bit of an over statement. I invented my own method of strum’n’strike, which doesn’t sound too bad (to me anyway), but I bought a smaller guitar recently, which allows me to at least reach the actual chords! So hopefully I’ll be playing “properly” in due course. And plectra, not plectrums, noted, thanks. I won’t make an arse of myself now. 😀

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