So, how much money have you got?…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s nice adjectives are: bonkers, khaki, repousse, renunciative, intrant, bumpy, and commensal.

I was, what with all this mad political stuff going on here in the UK, pondering on the idea of rich people, and on the idea of poor people. What do I know of such things? I am but a simple soul. I suppose poor people think about rich people a lot more than rich people think about poor people.
Are the moguls, the bankers, the retired Prime Minister war criminals, the media tycoons (‘tycoon’ is a funny word, isn’t it?), the heads of international sporting organisations, and the hedge fund managers, completely oblivious of poor people? Perhaps having been brought up and privately educated alongside other rich kids just like them, their mind-set, their weltanschauung, will always revolve around money, power, game playing, growth, prestige, competition, the admiration of ruthlessness, and also around how jolly handy a private jet can be. Perhaps they can’t conceive of any other way of life?
I suppose they have to be aware of the existence of poor people, like a whale must be aware of krill. Do they ever wonder who these individuals are who, every day, buy the newspapers that they publish, work in their factories, obligingly go and fight and die in their carefully organised wars, which they gamble on in the markets?
If they think of poor people at all, they probably, but grudgingly, do consider them as actual humans, but that they are unfortunate lesser beings, who lack ‘that certain something’; beings to be manipulated and used as a commodity in the wonderful great game.
Do the rich folk ever consider that the poor folk have feelings, emotions, beliefs, passions, compassion, and possibly intelligence? They must imagine that if these members of the seething underclass do have emotions and passions, they must be the same as the ones that they have themselves – for they know of nothing else; they have never met anyone whose existence is any different from their own.
The mental image of the bubbling life outside their own little sphere, that they may have once or twice glimpsed on TV or the internet, must be that of a vicious jungle, the rule of survival of the fittest, with rampant crime, stupidity, greed, squalor, violence and hatred – just like theirs really, but without all the money and the comfort. I suppose it would be like that, if poor people were just like rich people, but in my experience they are not, and poor people are, in the majority, not at all like the rich ones.
In the real world at the bottom of the great wealth pyramid there is a surprising amount of humanity, generosity, respect, humour, and intelligence. These are the very things which seem to be lacking in the people sitting at the top. We should really feel sorry for these poor mean-spirited stiffs with their arrogance, their yachts and their mansions. Come on dear reader, let’s send Rupert Murdoch a card with a couple of fluffy kittens on it. On the back we could say, ‘Hey Rupe! Oh, come on, snap out of it! There’s still time, we really can help you get out of that hole that you have dug for yourself – you poor sad mean old bastard…’

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Grumpy old surrealist artist, musician, postcard maker, bluesman, theatre set designer, and debonair man-about-town. My favourite tools are the plectrum and the pencil...
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5 Responses to So, how much money have you got?…

  1. memadtwo says:

    Philosophical today…but correct. Although how to get a card to Rupert…?

  2. Oh this was funny! I read a book once about the queen being sent to live on a housing estate, and it was a hilarious read! (Sue Towsend, the one who wrote the Adrian Mole diaries) I think that these high falutin’ oiks don’t give much thought to us poor minions on the ground, to be honest. I feel that they regard us as an army of ants, to be marshalled around as they see fit. This is why I no longer read the carefully constructed news that they deem appropriate. I find the truth of the matter on other sites (non westernised) and its quite interesting how the UK/West is seen by foreign media (who are not biased politically or financially).

  3. While I find mch of today’s journalism trite and banal, I thought Aditra Chakrabortty made a decent job in the Grauniad of analysing the rich gits in power, specifically Osborne, and just why the Brexit vote went as it did. For all those old codgers like us, it was fairly obvious, but Chakra looks less than half my age, so I thought it wasn’t a bad effort.

    Another article had some very nasty comments. Lots of mudslinging. If/when London’s financial services sector loses out, hundreds of bankers could be out of work. Does that mean they’ll learn about austerity measures, delayed/cut/non-existent benefits, and eating from food banks?

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