Curtains for Yahoo…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s raspberry is the one that has somehow found itself in a bowl with a rowdy gang of shiny green apples.

Computers – they are constantly messing with you, and deliberately trying to upset you, aren’t they? Nothing stays as it it, everything changes, those bloody boffins are tinkering and fiddling with it all the time…
I use the Firefox browser to go on the internet, and to cut down on the number of annoying adverts that spring up I have installed Adblock Plus on it.
It has done a fine job so far and it was well worth having even though smarter people than me have said that it slows your internet down – still, it has been pretty effective up to now. But, suddenly, on my Yahoo email page the bloody adverts are back and jumping and Adblock seems to be ignoring them and giving them free rein to flash away trying to attract my attention willy-nilly – yes, willy-nilly!  Perhaps Firefox is for some reason struggling with the ads, or perhaps it’s that Yahoo has recently found out how to block Adblock?
It is a bit annoying though – it’s the way they flash and change and move in the corners of your vision as you try to read or write something.
On my list of newly received emails there is now always a ‘fake’ one first in the list, offering me cheap parts for my non-existent car, or for some reason offering to buy my house. That ad isn’t too bothersome, but the bigger ones with bright images, or bits of video – one to the left of my emails list and at least two on the right are the most annoying.
Sitting in the cafe a couple of days ago I was pondering on this and thought it might be a good idea to partially block my view of the screen with a couple of things, perhaps a couple of pieces of cardboard taped on, just to mask off these adverts… What a very silly idea! Better just get used to the situation Dave, or move onto the Chrome browser, which I don’t like very much. Then, as the strong green tea and dark chocolate cake started to take effect, an even sillier idea popped into my head – computer screen curtains! Curtains that you could draw across a bit each side to hide the rubbish when looking at emails, and open again when browsing normally… Marvellous! I did a little sketch in my notebook – I coloured it in back at home – I don’t carry colour pencils with me during the day… Of course I won’t actually do this – but I do feel better after sharing my annoyance and frustration with you dear reader… How’d you like my yellow pelmet?…

About Dave Whatt

Grumpy old surrealist artist, musician, postcard maker, bluesman, theatre set designer, and debonair man-about-town. My favourite tools are the plectrum and the pencil...
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16 Responses to Curtains for Yahoo…

  1. Oh that’s quite a wonderful idea, Dave! Having just returned to Windows after some time, I too am finding adverts very annoying. I think curtains might be a good idea until we can find a “higher grade” version of some sort of blocking. We never had this problem with pen and paper! Hrmph.

    • Dave Whatt says:

      Oh, adverts are everywhere – constantly prodding you poking at you – and places like Facebook now actually ask you what kind of ads they should pester you with! Doh!…

      • There has been recent fury regarding a photo sharing site that charges you $25 to get rid of adverts, (This same site has now decided to charge its users $400 to access their own photos too, haha!) Advets are everywhere……not just online, but on TV, billboards, on buses and taxis…..there are even people who get paid to hold up a sign in the street. I think we are doing it all wrong, Dave…..we should be advertisers, not artists! 😀

      • Dave Whatt says:

        What a ghastly thought my dear!…

  2. ktz2 says:

    I had a yahoo mail account that I never used, but still it regularly collected massive spam. I’d go there just to empty the spam folder…then suddenly couldn’t even do that–I was advised by yahoo to ‘check my internet connection’…although obviously I was ON the internet.
    What they really meant was ‘ disable your adblockers to access your yahoo email’. Screw that! No more yahoo & good riddance. and btw I never see any ads whatsoever in gmail (using Chrome)

    • Dave Whatt says:

      For some reason I’m not getting those ads on Chrome, I’d move over to it, but it doesn’t like my writing on WordPress very much, it inserts spaces in the text at the ends of lines that you can’t get rid of – most odd!… I suppose I should have Firefox and Chrome open at the same time and use both.

      • ktz2 says:

        If your WP text problem began after the last so-called new improvement of the text editor, and you’d prefer the previous version, I know of a way to get it back, advise

      • Dave Whatt says:

        Oh, I think I am still using the ‘old one’ – the replacement was awful – it was probably designed for phones.

  3. Jheron Bash says:

    Outlook Express – absolutely no adverts! There you go – swings & roundabouts.

  4. Dana Doran says:

    Personally, and because you thought of it, I think you should go with the curtains. I don’t have that problem because I use gmail/Chrome – although, gmail does have its own weird ways – it sorts what comes into your box into three categories (that it assumes it knows): primary, social and promotions. Isn’t that great? So, gmail “reads” your mail and then sorts it before you see it!! Wonderful, isn’t it? Well we shouldn’t expect privacy in the mail should we? No. We shouldn’t. Algorithms you know. I do have plenty of ads on Facebook, together with “suggested posts” which point one to an entirely different set of ads! But then, we’ve learned to accept advertising in order to read interesting things because we all know that is how Mr. Zuckerberg became so rich and influential. Somehow my shopping habits are always shared with Facebook….I look for something on Amazon and an ad for that product appears on Facebook…..just food for thought.

    • Dave Whatt says:

      Ah, those ‘suggested posts’ on Facebook – why don’t they just call them ‘adverts’? I get a rash of them about once a week and I quite enjoy deleting them all and clicking ‘this is not relevant to me’ as the reason – I don’t suppose it does any good at all, but it might causes the machines to think a bit harder harder about what they will send next.
      I suppose I am particularly annoyed with this because Adblocker Plus worked so well over the years I got used to not having the ads.
      So, you are on Facebook eh? I might look you up.

    • ktz2 says:

      Dana – there is a Chrome extension named Ad Blocker for Facebook that is successful in hiding away the sidebar ads on the homepage, most of the time anyway,
      That business of ads renamed to ‘suggested posts’ is so highly irritating! In fact it so irritated me when it began that I made a post about the deception, and got a message from FB saying ‘Are you aware this is a ‘public post’? You can alter who sees in your settings’ hahaha

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