Just a few shortish items…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s elephant in the room is the one in the black sequined ball gown.

Excuses for being late. No. 359.
I’m sorry I’m late, but I got in a fight with a classical violin street musician.

A single overheard remark:
‘I was waiting fraiges… fraiges Barry!…’

An observation:
Every one in town today had bulging cheeks and pointed noses – perhaps they were all owls?

I was waiting for the train to come in; walking up the platform was a broad thuggy-looking man in a dark uniform of blue (or was it unnoticeable grey?) sturdy cloth. He stopped to chat to a railway station colleague and turned slightly away from me. On the back of his uniform was printed in white bold letters, Transpenine Express Security Ambassador.
Wow! A security ambassador! I’ve never seen one of those before – Oh, how I love newspeak!… (Newspeak)

She had the kind of mouth that looked like it was very good at saying the word ‘severe’.

The other day I suddenly remembered leg warmers from the 1980s – I had a pair of those – I think chaps did wear them – they were very good in the winter months. (Leg warmers)

Spam, spam, spam, spam…
Yes, here’s an item that dropped into my comments box yesterday – it seems to be from someone called Angel-G:
Ensure that you floss your tooth at least one time per day. Flossing assists to get rid of germs and plaque build up involving tooth, and this can be a spot that no tooth brush can attain. Flossing is vital for keeping healthier gum line. Flossing can take place during the night… make absolutely certain to make it happen every day.
Well, thank you Angel-G, but I must tell you that you are preaching to the converted – I do indeed make mine happen every day as you recommend – I do hope to hear from you again soon, and good luck with the English classes.

Yes, I think the collective noun for teenagers is – A cool

Yes, I’m seriously thinking about changing my name to Joy Ninda-Phun.

A single overheard remark:
‘It’s alright Peter, I have everything nicely folded down again now…’

About Dave Whatt

Grumpy old surrealist artist, musician, postcard maker, bluesman, theatre set designer, and debonair man-about-town. My favourite tools are the plectrum and the pencil...
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10 Responses to Just a few shortish items…

  1. Dana Doran says:

    Hum….I was curious about that Transpenine Express Security Ambassador….so I googled it (isn’t it funny how that name (Google) has morphed into a verb?)….well, the job description states that the position “promotes the perception of safety and security.” How very 1984! The perception, indeed……I guess that’s all we really need isn’t it?

    • Dave Whatt says:

      Oh indeed! The perception – ‘friendly fire, ‘collateral damage’ – Are you familiar with this rather fine old record?

      • Dana Doran says:

        oh, I am ashamed to say, I was not familiar…..oh, dear, I must have been watching television?

      • Dave Whatt says:

        Ho ho!… It’s a nice track though isn’t it? Got its heart in the right place!…

      • Dana Doran says:

        I posted it to my facebook page for myself….hahaha….to remind me…memory errors you know. I use facebook like the cloud…tee hee…no one goes there anymore!

      • Dana Doran says:

        After the “cable” guy came out to work on our very slow internet connections I noticed that nothing in our house “turns on” instantly….a noticeable lag time in anything that communicates. The television now takes to the count of ten before a picture appears, same thing with selecting a new tab on my laptop, the telephone waits 5 seconds before connecting a dialed number….oh! it must be sheer coincidence, right? (dialed? oh, I”m stuck in the 60’s – how silly, we don’t dial anymore, do we?)

      • Dave Whatt says:

        Perhaps your electricity is fine, but you have a bit of a space-time warp anomaly going on?
        It’s that great brain of yours upsetting things Dana!…

      • Dana Doran says:

        I doubt it….talked it over with my son the technology genius…he said it’s the lag time for the spy agencies to log on and confirm my IP address…..tee hee

      • Dave Whatt says:

        Of course! That’s it!…

  2. Sharon Mann says:

    Perceptions…sometimes the best hope.

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