Nothing looks worse than shabby gloves…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s existential angst is centred around the sound of the phrase higgledy-piggledy…

It’s like the Wikipedia of the 1930s…
Yes, this stinky old junk shop book (I’m sure it smells of cough mixture, spilled on it by a trembling fevered hand seventy-odd years ago? Can you have fevered hands? Hm… I don’t think so.) gives us a thorough and detailed perspective on life in 1930s middle-class Britain – it is The Daily Express Enquire Within.  It’s a mine of useful information covering a wide variety of subjects. Across the head of each page there are some words of wisdom or an uplifting proverb – I will include some of these with today’s selection.
Here’s a picture of the title page – classy, isn’t it?…

Page 407. (There is none poor but such as God disowns.)
Care of Gloves. – Nothing looks worse than shabby gloves; and, as they are expensive articles in dress, they require a little management. A good glove will, with care, out-last three cheap ones. Do not wear your best gloves at night; the heat of the gas &c. gives a moisture to the hands that spoils the gloves; do not wear them in very wet weather, as carrying umbrellas, and drops of rain, spoil them.

Page 254. (A clear conscience fears no accusation.)
Lodgings to Prostitutes. – If lodgings are let to an immodest woman to enable her to receive visitors of the male sex, the landlord cannot recover his rent. But if the landlord did not know the character of the woman when he let the lodgings, he may recover, but not if after he knew the fact he permitted her to remain as his tenant. If the woman, however merely lodges there, and has her visitors elsewhere, her character will not affect his claim for rent.

Page 58. (The mill cannot grind with the water that is past.)
Beef, Glaze or Portable Soup, is simply the essence of beef condensed by evaporation. It may be put into pots, like potted meats, or into skins, as sausages, and will keep for many months. If further dried into cakes or lozenges, by being laid on pans or dishes, and frequently turned, it will keep for years, and supply soup at any moment.

Page 277. (Little deeds are like little seeds, they grow to flowers or to weeds.)
Antipertussal, or against Whooping-Cough. – Mix one teaspoonful of powdered belladonna root and two ounces of white sugar together. Dose: six grains morning and evening for children under one year; nine grains for those under two and three years of age; fifteen grains for those between five and ten; and thirty grains for adults. Caution: This should be prepared by a chemist, belladonna is a poison, and occasional doses of castor oil should be given while it is being taken.

Page 456. (Apology is only egotism wrong side out.)
Parrots may be taught to talk by covering the cage at night, or rather in the evening, and then repeating to them, slowly and distinctly, the words they are desired to learn. They should not be kept in places where they are liable to hear disagreeable noises, such as street cries, and whistling and shouts of boys at play, for they may imitate them, and to become too noisy to be tolerated.

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6 Responses to Nothing looks worse than shabby gloves…

  1. ktz2 says:

    such problems back then, fretting over the good gloves by time of day or weather..and being upset over the undesirable things one’s parrot is saying

    • Dave Whatt says:

      That parrot – think of the embarrassment!…

      • ktz2 says:

        I actually had a small parrot years ago, basically a non-talker but she imitated my cat’s unfortunate habit of whining.. about nothing. ‘You can knock that shit off right now’ I said, as if that would stop it… but in reality it was pretty funny

      • Dave Whatt says:

        I think parrots are great – I’ve never had one though… I like it when they dance!…

      • ktz2 says:

        I like the youtube videos where they try to sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm and get mixed up .. E-I-E-O quack quack here E-I-E-I-O moo moo here quack quack there Old MacDonald moo moo quack quack

  2. Sharon Mann says:

    Nice choice of items today, my favorite is the parrot.

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