Two snaps from earlier this year…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s interesting fish names are: the alfonsino, the bat ray, the dogteeth tetra, the guitarfish, the labyrinth fish, and the rough sculpin.

How about a couple more of my photographs from earlier this year?

Hm, I was 50-50 about whether to put this one in. It’s not very interesting is it dear reader? But it was that bright clean blue of the bin that caught my eye, and how the thing looked just a little bit cocky lolling nonchalantly on the grass there – almost as it were enjoying the brief burst of January sunshine, for that was when the picture was taken. It was a crisp and clear, but nippy morning – I don’t recall why I was up and about and in that area of Dulltown, or where I was going when I encountered this delightful visual drama. I suppose it was the uprightness of those blocks of flats marching towards us, juxtaposed with the horizontality of Mr Blue. (I don’t think horizontality is a word – oh, yes it is, I just looked it up – that’s a surprise!) Do you think he’s got his mouth open and is laughing, or perhaps he is shouting the word Whoa!
All this waffle doesn’t really make the picture any better does it? But then again, there does seem to be some sort of subtle ‘meaning’ in this composition.

Here’s another one of dubious interest; it was taken last July.
This is the view of part of a local bus shelter. Look out, the word juxtaposition is going to rear its ugly head again! As I stood waiting there for the bus my eye was first attracted by the rubbish stuffed into that gap in the metal structure. Why would anyone bother poking their food bags, tissues, or cigarette packets in there? Why not just chuck it all onto the pavement like everyone else does? Once upon a time one could have been arrested for littering the streets, but not these days, no one cares any more. The understaffed police don’t bother with all this low level stuff. But perhaps the people who left their debris in this gap still felt a slight residual uneasiness about just dropping it willy-nilly, and thought it a bit less blatantly anti-social to poke it into the cranny?…
It wouldn’t have been much of a picture with just the litter, but the map of Dulltown to the left adds a lot to the composition don’t you think? I particularly like the brown oval mark towards the bottom where someone has been conducting an experiment into the flammability of the clear plastic sheeting used in bus shelters with the aid of their cigarette lighter – how very disappointing it must have been for them when it refused to burst into a bright plume of licking flames dripping with molten smoking sticky gobs… ‘Whoa! Bloody hell!… Stand well back!…’ they might have said…

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Grumpy old surrealist artist, musician, postcard maker, bluesman, theatre set designer, and debonair man-about-town. My favourite tools are the plectrum and the pencil...
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