Well, dear reader…

But first…
Dulltown UK/Europe: Today’s carefully selected adjectives are: bushy, cormophytic, scutellate, triapsidal, oviferous, brassy, and cryptocrystalline.

Well, dear readers, comrades, let me start off today’s talk by first thanking you for turning up on this bleak and chilly March morning and congregating in this dirty abandoned little garden shed, and of course to thank you for your steadfast support for my modest efforts in the world of blogging. No, no, I really do mean it!…
It is an odd business, this blog writing lark. I have been doing it for a few years now – there must be quite a number of my posts stacked up there in the cloud somewhere – oh, but please don’t go looking through at my earlier stuff, I don’t think it can be much good – I’m sure I must have become a lot better at it lately. In fact one day, when I have time, I plan to go back and delete a big bunch of those embarrassingly bad posts.
I think my writing style is what one might call ‘an acquired taste’. I picture you, my dear faithful readers, as a small straggling band of intelligent, sensitive, aesthetically sophisticated, but wayward folk, who can take a splash of humour with their pithy prose and odd-ball imagery without too much complaining.
I expect some bloggers attract thousands of readers, but then, they probably write about ‘normal’ things that people are generally interested in. Sure-fire popular things like: politics, football, sex, cooking and eating food, guzzling beer and wine, fashion, fairies and witches, world travel, romantic interludes, improving your skin tone, investing your cash, interesting wars, working out, celebrity gossip, sports cars, Netflix sensations, golf… things like that – not lino printing, spoems, and dreary blues music…
‘If nobody read the stuff you write, would you stop doing it?’
Oh, I expect so, there’d be no point in it, would there? In fact, I do have a vague half-hearted rule in place that when the ‘stats’ say that the previous day’s number of ‘views’ has dropped into lowish single figures, and when the number of silly spam items in my comments box outnumber my ‘views’, I shouldn’t bother writing anything that day. That might be a good way to let it all fade away to nothing in quite a natural way.
‘Dave, perhaps you should include more stuff about – politics, football, sex, eating food, guzzling beer, fairies and witches, and…’
As bloody if!…
The thing is of course, that it does cheer me up when people bother to comment or ‘like’ something I’ve done – but strangely the item they’ve liked is usually some quickly knocked-off pot-boiler, and the piece I’ve sweated blood and ink over for hours, seems to pass almost unnoticed…
‘Oh, Dave you poor-poor lamb!…’
Shut up!…
Lately I have started clicking on my ‘stats’ on the WordPress dashboard – that can lift my spirits a bit! I don’t think many people here in Dulltown read me, but when I look at the world map they have on the ‘stats’ page, it’s nice to see that I have single ‘views’ from all sorts of odd places around the globe – they have little coloured national flags next to the country – USA, Russia, Hong Kong, Serbia, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Pakistan, Portugal, Israel, New Zealand, Turkey, etc… Of course not all on the same day, but who the hell are these folk? How did they find me, and what do they make of me?

Earlier this week I had a pretty good day – 26 views!…

Anyway, thank you all again – dear, dear readers!…

About Dave Whatt

Grumpy old surrealist artist, musician, postcard maker, bluesman, theatre set designer, and debonair man-about-town. My favourite tools are the plectrum and the pencil...
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4 Responses to Well, dear reader…

  1. Sharon Mann says:

    The day doesn’t start without you Dave, I’m proud to a part of the wayward folk who join you through this daily world of chaos.

  2. Jheron Bash says:

    Well, I feel privileged to be a member of that “small straggling band of intelligent, sensitive, aesthetically sophisticated but wayward folk”! Aren’t we the dog’s bollocks!

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