Mail art postcard No. 4672…

But first…
Dulltown, UK/Europe: Today’s carefully selected colours are: blazing blue, reticulated red, goofy green, yesterday yellow, ontological orange, vacant violet, and that funny pink that red guitars go when they are left displayed in sunny music shop windows.

Yes, another of my mail art postcards – a simple collage on bright card using clippings from that gaudy, but dreary UK TV listings magazine What’s On TV.
These clippings are from the page that shows images from some of the more exciting programmes that will be shown during the coming week – gosh I’m on the edge of my seat in anticipation!
Let’s have a look at these three in turn dear reader.
That’s a hell of a fortified tower isn’t it? Look, there seems to be a person standing on the top of it – don’t think I’d go up there and show off like they’re doing though – it looks far too bloody high! Me, I quite like castles and ancient churches and stuff like that. I always feel sorry for the folk in the USA, they don’t have any decent big fat castles to go and look at do they?
Now, this copper in the middle clipping – I don’t think he’s a real one – he definitely has the look of an actor about him – I could be wrong though. The camera has managed to catch him in an instant where his mouth is open and slack-lipped, and dare I say, it makes him look a bit on the stupid side. He’s probably saying, ‘God! Haven’t you got enough snaps by now? I’ve got to get out of this bloody uniform – I’ve an important audition at the Old Vic in twenty minutes…’
And the final clipping. I don’t know if these two are actors as well, or maybe they are presenters of some popular afternoon documentary series – but they do round off the the sequence nicely don’t they?
It almost as if a narrative is to be played out over the three days. Perhaps you could make up a plot for it? You’d have to tie in the way the copper’s helmet (I do think they look stylish, and I like it that the chaps still occasionally wear them after all these years!) echoes the shape of the castle’s great tower, complete with the feature on the top. I imagine that some grisly crime has been perpetrated in the dungeon of the place, and that one or both of the ladies on the right have had a bloodstained hand in it…

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Grumpy old surrealist artist, musician, postcard maker, bluesman, theatre set designer, and debonair man-about-town. My favourite tools are the plectrum and the pencil...
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11 Responses to Mail art postcard No. 4672…

  1. Dana Doran says:

    Huh. TV is so predictable. Even the “news” has become boring – mostly consisting of the media’s contempt of those who don’t qualify as “people of color!” Then writers produce scripts that echo the news in “detective” mysteries. I’ve vowed to quit watching, but it’s as difficult as giving up Facebook it seems. I’m going to try something new though, I’ve just subscribed to a new Southern ladies publication, “Gun & Garden” for entertainment. I’ll be sure to let you know how that works out!

    • Dave Whatt says:

      “Gun and Garden” – that sounds marvellous! Baroness, I picture you in your rocking chair, on your ‘stoop’ (as I believe they are called), cradling a nice loaded 12 bore shotgun in your arms…

      • Dana Doran says:

        haha! What a lovely vision you have conjured up…wish I had time for the rockin’ chair…out of necessity I did have to purchase warning signs for the back acre where the waterfall and pond are being excavated….nosey neighbors just wandering through my woods…the mote is not doing it’s job!!!

      • Dave Whatt says:

        Well, dear Baroness. Two things:
        A ‘mote’ is definitely not a moat, and:
        I don’t know anyone else who uses the phrase ‘my woods’…
        Have you hired a gamekeeper to look after your pheasants yet?…

      • Dana Doran says:

        Well he wasn’t wandering through my words….I do have a heavily wooded area near the land boundary that I call my woods….’merica you know. No, I haven’t seen any pheasant here….plenty of wild turkey, screeching owls, deer, oh yest, lots of deer – but no pheasant!

      • Dave Whatt says:

        I do like the way you observe the singular rather than the plural for animals that are hunted – it must be in your Royal blood.
        Have you been invited to Scotland for the grouse by H M Queen yet?…

  2. Sharon Mann says:

    I think I need to go back to Saturday morning cartoons!

  3. I must inform you that I live one mile from a castle – Yes. Quite a place locally. And the students do a nice Halloween tour for kids (and me). I’ve never been able to get into the basement, though…

    • Dave Whatt says:

      Well, well! That’s lovely!
      I was expecting it to look like the Disney one though!…

      • It was built by a very wealthy man and he and his wife lived there, but did not get along, and so each had totally separate parts of the house. Easy to see how that worked when you think of the place. It has several rooms that are often used for music and so on and I’ve attended events there. Students also live on the upper floors. It’s really something.

      • Dave Whatt says:

        It sounds a great place Claudia!
        The world needs more castles!…

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