No more sparkling in the footlights…

But first…
Dulltown, UK/Europe: Today’s carefully selected adjectives are: soggy, withy, proemial, Hieronymic, scombroid, and grum.

It was one of those 50-50 moments… Should I? Shouldn’t I?
It’s a good job that I’m not one of those indecisive people who dither over decisions and drag the pondering out to unnecessary lengths. (I didn’t really mean to start drifting into Brexit territory here!) Me, I usually try to go for the more interesting and perhaps even more daring option, or maybe I just like to think I do – you know, deciding on something just for the hell of it, and then having to learn to savour all the horrible regret later on…
I’ll bet you are wondering, dear reader, where this is all going? Me too. Actually, I’m afraid it’s not going to be that interesting – so, don’t expect too much excitement.
It was a Thursday.
Is that relevant Dave?
Yes, it’s the day of the week that the council wagon comes round this part of town to empty our refuse bins; this particular Thursday was ‘black bin day’ – the black bin is the one you can put almost anything in – well things that can’t go in the much more picky blue or brown recycling ones.
There wasn’t much in mine, it was only about one-fifth full – hardly worth wheeling out. But then a thought struck me – I could clear some rubbish out of the untidy little downstairs rubbish room, chuck it in the bin and see the back of it.
I hope this is going to liven up a bit Dave!
I had a mooch round in there and grabbed a few things that could happily go: a defunct toaster; some odd pieces of cloth that I might have once needed when I used to do theatre set design work, stretchy white stuff, blackout black, and some embarrassingly bright fluffy fluorescent stuff; a 1950s egg-shaped metal theatre lamp, a Strand fresnel model 123 – you know, useless things like that.
Then, oh look… Two pairs of shoes, huddled together for companionship there under the old wallpapering table. Both pairs were ones I used to wear on stage in the (pretty good) blues band I was in a few years ago. One was a pair of ordinary shaped shoes, the style I believe, is called Oxford, but these were, I recall, made in South Africa – they had real leather soles and were bought new, but very cheaply – I don’t think they were very good sellers, as they were ‘novelty shoes’ completely covered in bright multicoloured glitter.
Oh, but how they sparkled in the footlights!
I’ll bet they did Dave!… And the other shoes?…
Well they were crepe-soled (black) white leather ones with little decorative holes punched in their tops – the sort of thing that rockers used to wear back in the 1950s, they were universally known as ‘brothel creepers‘. The original ones had thick, but fairly soft bouncy soles as I recall, which used to spread out to the sides a bit as one walked – not that I ever wore them of course – they were well before my time!
No, these ones in my junk room were fairly recent ‘repro’ ones –  the soles were suitably thick alright, but they were made of solid hard rubber, which made them very heavy. The trouble with them was the reluctance of their soles to bend as one walked.
How awful for you!
No, but the thing was, that when one shifted about on stage and took up a nice stance with one’s instrument, they refused to bend with one’s foot and the back of the shoe would dig into and scrape the back of one’s heel – often taking some skin off – blood on the socks – most painful!…
Yes, I did think of keeping them, just for a moment, but on an impulse both pairs went bouncing straight into the bin and subsequently off with the other trash in the council wagon – along with my career as a guitar playing bluesman…
Oh, what a very sad story Dave!… Gosh, is that the time?… I really must be off!…

About Dave Whatt

Grumpy old surrealist artist, musician, postcard maker, bluesman, theatre set designer, and debonair man-about-town. My favourite tools are the plectrum and the pencil...
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6 Responses to No more sparkling in the footlights…

  1. Jheron Bash says:

    Oh go on, Dave – you’re still a guitar playing bluesman, surely! Though maybe not for a career …

  2. David Manley says:

    and there’s me thinking it would only be blue suede on stage…

  3. Gosh, how brave of you to let the shoes go. I think I would have struggled (in fact I generally do struggle) to let go of things with such memories. But then….you could have put them into a charity shop y’know… :p

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