Enquire Within (4) – Hartshorn shavings and concentrated gallnuts…

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s existential angst is centred around the word ‘nevertheless’.

‘The year is 1934…’
No it isn’t, it’s 2015!…
TV and radio documentaries always start off like that. They are desperate to draw you in in that dramatic way in an attempt to make their dry and dusty history programme a little bit more attractive to (what their perceive as) their dumb-ass audience. Anyway, let me start again…
Back in 1934 – this book, The Daily Express (a popular British newspaper) Enquire Within was published. Yes, it’s 81 years old – what an interesting glimpse it gives us into that strange distant world. This is another of my cheaply bought junk shop books; here’s a picture of the title page. Nice globe emblem isn’t it?

DSCN4009This handy volume is packed with useful information on many many subjects – shall we have look inside and pick one or two items at random dear reader?

Page 177:
POPE JOAN. – A game somewhat similar to Matrimony. It is played by any number, with an ordinary pack of cards, and a marking or pool board, to be had at most fancy stationers. The eight of diamonds must first be taken from the pack. After settling the deal, shuffling etc., the dealer dresses the board…

Page 399:
Shut all the doors and windows to stop the draught. Throw some common salt or powdered brimstone on the fire in the grate, and hold before the fireplace a wetted blanket, or some woollen article, to exclude the air. The gas given off by the salt or brimstone ascending the chimney, will effectually extinguish the fire.

Page 82:
JELLY FOR INVALIDS. – Take rice, sago, pearl barley, hartshorn shavings, each one ounce; simmer in three pints of water till reduced to one pint and strain it. When cold it will be a jelly, which give, dissolved in wine, milk, or broth, in change with the other nourishment.

Page 434:
i. Black. – Drop a little sulphuric acid into a small quantity of water, brush over the wood, and hold up to the fire; it will turn a fine black and take a good polish.
2. Put half an ounce of sulphate of iron, one ounce of verdigris, two ounces of logwood, seven ounces of concentrated gallnuts into two and a half pints of water, and boil for two hours. Brush on hot.

Page 501:
Broadcasting. – The term “broadcasting” was, until recently, applied to the transmission of wireless messages intended to be received by all wireless stations, but now it has come to mean the transmission of news, concerts, plays, etc. from broadcasting stations to those in possession of wireless receiving sets…

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