It’s that misheard classical singing, again…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s carefully selected colours are: Argentina azure, France fawn, Australia azure, Italy indigo, Venezuela violet, Chile charcoal, Uganda umber, Turkey turquoise, Lithuania lemon, Germany green, and Britain brown.

Yes, yes, here they go again!
On the radio, BBC Radio 3, their classical music station. I only have that on in desperation, when the other channels are, oh, what’s the word?…
Sometimes the singing is from a church, or a chapel, and is much clearer to listen to, just an organ grinding and chirping away in the background, because you generally know what it is that they are going about.
Gosh! They really do praise the Lord, God, the Great Deity in the sky. They praise Him so much, you’d think that He’d be embarrassed! I would be, if they sang like that to me. They do certainly slap it on!

But, dear reader, I don’t think today’s selection is religion based, it is more your operatic-style stuff.
Yes, I know that they have immaculate diction, but I still can’t understand what they are going on about. Perhaps my hearing, or my brain, is going?
Anyway, here we go:

‘You blue, you blue, high and low’!
‘The Larrars do meet, I see.’
‘Climate unsure, the ducks, the ducks’!
‘See, the lightning clouds my shawl.’
‘Hey normy-no, hey normy-no’!
‘You see, the great cream mother? Plooders!’
‘Slim-line? Callom! The do-do, do-do’?
‘Oh, the lovely how-now…’
‘See, flaaaar!…’
‘Meep me! Treat me’!
‘Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha’!
‘I paste, my plywood, I do say this now’!
‘Whatever now?…’
‘I smile, in hats, my dear.’
‘Doh, doh! What a spire’!
‘I say, knee, knee, knee, knee, knee!…’

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Mail Art Postcard. No. 4818…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s lost cabbage is the one sitting on the walkway of the supermarket car park.

Hey up, dear reader!
It’s another of my mail art postcards!

WP F 4818 DSCN5993

Yes, mail art postcard, No. 4818.
Just a simple collage, on bright card, using clippings from some awful free through-the-front-door magazine, or are they are perhaps taken from a copy of What’s On TV. I used to get that one, not for the information, just for the clippings – but I don’t bother so much now.

‘Marvin, another coffee’?
‘Thank you, my precious. I think I will. Thank you.’
‘Here you are, dearest…’
‘How was the Spiritual Middle Class Wives Club meeting in the church hall, this afternoon’?
‘Oh, pretty much as usual, but there was an elderly lady, Margot, from the Ethereal Home-Life Delineation Institute giving a talk.’
‘Hm… these biscuits are very nice, Melinda.’
‘Bourbons Marvin.’
‘What, did she have to say’?
‘It was mainly about connecting and addressing one’s home furniture in a more – oh, er, meaningful and intuitive way.’
‘Hm… You see Marvin, in one’s home, each item of…’
‘Yes, will have, or can even be given, an emotion, or character, or even, a usually hidden, psychic smell.’
‘Psychic smell’?
‘Yes, it was all, most fascinating.’
‘It sounds gripping, dearest.’
‘It was. You can never appreciate, at first glance, what an…’
‘Article of furniture’?
‘Yes, may be hiding, under its woody, glassy, or clothy substrate.’
‘Yes, yes, it might be within, instilled, in the form already, or it may be absorbed from the people who brush against, surround, or interact with it.’
‘How does one find out, about such things, dear’?
‘Margot said that you have to look, quizzically.’
‘Quizzically? How does one do that, did she show you’?
‘Yes, you squeeze your eyes up, with your finger ends if necessary, almost closed. Yes, Marvin, that’s right. Now, just glance across, at, say, oh, the sofa…’
‘Good god! That’s terrifying’!
‘Yes, and you’d better slip upstairs, and look at our bed too…’
‘Good god, Melinda!…’
‘Another bourbon, dear?’

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Come on, everyone, let’s get on the Moon Express!…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s carefully selected adjectives are, grumpy, amissible, ostreophagous, unciform, duodenary, canicular, and prim.

It’s that cheap, battered, junk shop, charity shop, kids’ (boys’) book again! The Lion Annual from 1956.
Gosh, it’s 66 years old – poor old thing! It has done very well though.
The front and back covers are very engaging, and are colourful too. Imagine the lad pulling this treasure out of his Christmas stocking – how he must have gasped, as he picked it up!


The reason I put bits of this book on my blog is really for the artwork, the ones from the ‘comic-style’ pages of panels, and the odd illustration from the written stories.
What shall we have today, this windy first morning in October? Just look at those red leaves coming off, and gathering under, the Virginia creeper!
Now, oh, what’s this, on page 63?


What a great idea! Good imaginative stuff for the kids!
I like a bit of science slipped in with all the other running-about, fighting-the-bad-guys stuff.
The drawing is good too – I like the bendy labels with the words on. Bendy floating labels, that’s the sort of thing that you’d have in space!

‘So Professor, now that you have collected your Nobel Prize, and you are finally retiring from your great work at CERN – what was it, that made you get started, in the world of science, all those years ago’?
‘Oh, I think it was a Christmas present, as a child, a book, one page had an eye-opening picture of a steam railway train, puffing through space – it was on its journey to…’

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Just a few short, but pithy, items…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s quotation is from Vladimir Nabokov’s short 1957 novel, Pnin, which I am currently reading:
‘…the Clementses felt dejected, apprehensive, and lonely in their nice old draughty house that now seemed to hang about them like the flabby skin and flapping clothes of some fool who had gone and lost a third of his weight.’

Excuses for being late. No. 496.
I’m sorry I’m late, but I decided that I ought to move my goalposts.

A single overheard remark:
‘Tiger Lilly! Hold on to the end of the bloody pram!… Now!…’

Yes, I’ve decided to be a proper surrealist, but only on Tuesdays…

There are far too many cameras in the world, I reckon.
Have you noticed, dear reader, how the art of photography has gone down the drain over the last few years? Even the ‘professional’ famous photographers, can’t compose a good, engaging, interesting, picture to save their lives! Anything will do, now. Don’t people bother looking and thinking any more?
Hey, you! Yes you!… You might even try to get the bloody horizon horizontal in the picture, you buffoon!… Ha!…

‘Him, over there, with the guitar…’
‘You know him, don’t you’?
‘Oh, yes, I suppose…’
‘How is his playing’?
‘Oh, he’s a great one for his insipid voice, his uninteresting chords, and his unusually quiet strumming…’
‘Ah… I see.’

The spam has nearly all gone now, but I did get a small piece drifting into my comments box yesterday; this may be the very last one I’ll share; it is from someone with the unlikely name of Sullendotto-Pekk:
Why users still use to read news papers when in this technological globe all is available. I delight in, result in, I found exactly what I used to
be having a look for
you have ended my four day long hunt.
God bless you man! I’m sure this article has touched all the internet people – is really really good paragraph – nonetheless you command get bought an impatience over that which be delivering the following! Unwell unquestionably, come further formally against exactly.the same nearly very often inside case you shield this increase.
Well, hello Sullendotto-Pekk! Thank you for getting in touch! By the way, how did you know I was feeling a bit unwell today? Still, it is very good to hear from you! As for shielding the increase, I’m sure you already know my views on this! Ha ha ha ha! Your paragraphs are pretty hot too! My best wishes from Dulltown UK!

See, the Sex pistols.
People, and history, seem to be saying that back in those times they were new, and wonderful, refreshing, and a ‘real game changer’ for popular music. When I first heard that there was this new trend bubbling up, with rough sounding stuff, and outlandishness, and musical radical change was from the young people of that time, I was fairly excited by the idea! I had always liked the idea of new and strange music and words! I thought it sounded great!
It wasn’t, of course. The Pistol’s tunes and lyrics, were really pretty well-tried, and ordinary, nothing new there – it had all been done before, but a little bit more quietly with less shouting and gurning. No, I’m sorry, the Sex Pistols were surprisingly boring.
The band’s manager, Malcolm McLaren, did, much later on, make a rather wonderful LP record using musicians from around the world though. It is one of my favourite albums.
Try this track! Turn it up loud!
Just click here!

Yes, I’m thinking of changing my name to, Milly Tree-Bearing.

A single overheard remark:
‘Margaret! They crack all your bones!…’

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An idea for a lino print, with a possible title already chosen?…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s monolith is the nice one, a way up north of here, at Rudston. Click.

Hm, yes, look at this:
My lino print preliminary sketch today, is sitting, for some reason, on the front cover of an ancient, and rather attractive, book.


It’s a nice book, isn’t it, dear reader?
It is, I think, a 1930s edition of the great work (it is not dated); it has some very nicely drawn illustrations in it too.
You see, when I (regularly) show you a rough sketch for a new lino print, I like to try to add to the often, not very interesting, drawing, an unusual, though generally unrelated, background.

The design:
Well, it looks like a large, dominating lump of craggy, ragged black.
Why does it have a series of white circular holes in it? Well, because it needed them, and they are easy to cut in the lino too. You see, dear reader, it is what lies underground! Well no, not really, but they do suggest something ‘hidden’, and deliberately mysterious, don’t they? They could be there, after all! Really, I just liked filling most of the available space on the print with black, and easy, geometrically clean looking circles!
Hello! I see the sun is out!
Well a black sun anyway, or is it a planet, or a balloon? Or does it relate to those white discs, in some way?
And what about my tentative title, complete with its question mark? Well, this must relate to the chap, or woman (Alice?), climbing up the side of the blackness.

Why do people do this sort of thing?
I have no urge to do it, have you? It is very hard to do, and it is bloody dangerous. Do people do it because it is hard and bloody dangerous? Yes, I’m afraid they do.
What other reason could there be? I suppose it makes you feel good, when you get to the top, tried out, well exercised, sweaty, and with bloody fingers, aches, and bruises – maybe it’s a ‘personal thing’, but I always think it might have been better to do something creative and interesting using all that pain and suffering, instead.
Yes, I think I might call my print, Stupidity. I don’t think the white circles have anything to do with this, though, it’s probably best not to think about them, big, eye-catching, and dominating though they are.

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Stop that! I’ve told you not to do it!…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s interesting moth names are: The Yellow Belle, the Streamer, the Peppered Moth, the Snout, the Netted Mountain Moth, and the Heart and Dart. That last one sounds like a rock band – it probably is one. Do rock bands, still exist?

I’ve told you not to do it!
It’s in plain sight!
What is the matter with you?…

No, I was on a morning train from Dulltown, heading west and north for York – old ancient York that is, not the new one that used to be New Amsterdam.
I, sort of, like train journeys, but I really don’t like them as well. But the idea of them does sound great.
Being taken at high rhythmic speed to a different town, for a fresh view of the world, and seeing new and different people, with different accents, sounds great. But then, when you are sitting there, in the noisy carriage, and folk are eating juicy smelling things, shouting down their phones, or staring at you over the tops of their newspapers and glossy magazines, and their children are squealing, fighting, and running about in the aisle, it’s not that exciting after all. It’s not the Orient Express.
Still, it’s only about an hour.
It’s a pity the moving countryside is so flat, and boring, better look up, and try to name the clouds we are overtaking.
‘Oh, my ticket’?
‘Thank you.’
Perhaps I’ll get my camera out and look at the last shots I have taken.
I wish that overhead sign would stop flashing and changing in the corner of my eye.
Oh, look, here comes Selby.
Hello Selby.
There was a person called de Selby in Flann O’Brien’s very strange and lovely novel The Third Policeman.
We are about half way, now…

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Yet more overheard and misheard snatches of café conversation…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s catchy and clever sounding word, that you could easily slip into conversation, is, asymptote.

‘Do less thettles, like “sail away” Clive would.’
‘I gathered it, just chipping along the brown.’
‘I’m making it a wobbly free show-shop.’
‘It was an asset cooler moment, Jane.’
‘Then I said that I’d stuff lighting’!
‘A bolt, a pap firm, and towels.’
‘George, don’t ever give up’!
‘Dux free, it’s a nama-box.’
‘Mr Beamer is there now.’
‘Toompah? What is that’?
‘An cook book cherry’?
‘What? Sony is god’?
‘Just a kind of pine.’
‘No, no, no, Margaret!… Not, not Jack Nicholson’!
For some information on how lines like this are compiled, you could click here.

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Are you getting fed up with these Black Dot drawings, Dave?…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s ancient suit of armour is the one which is complete, except for a missing pauldron. Pauldron.

Yes, these Black Dot drawings/paintings.
Hm, I suppose they’re not really drawings, and you probably wouldn’t call them paintings either, or would you? Still, who cares, it’s just words, isn’t it?.
Yes, so far I think I have done 10 of these, and I’ve shown you one or two of them already. I suppose I’ll stop the sequence when I start repeating myself – that’s always a good plan!
Anyway, today’s is number 5:

Black Dots. No. 5. Pastel and black ink on paper about 28″ x 20″, 66 cm x 51 cm.

Dear reader, let me tell you something!
These works are real buggers to photograph! Yes, the colours and the black come out very well, but the camera gets upset by all the brightness, and it forgets how to photograph white paper. Look at the white (yes, it really is white) on this one – it looks a mucky stained grey, doesn’t it?

But ignoring all that silly technical business, I really do like this one!
Reds, orange, and pink, straight out of their tubes – smeared with a rag! Yes, I’m a part of the famous  ‘Smeared with a Rag’ school of art! And, there are some black-black, squares.
This piece goes nicely with my theory that the good old human eye, and brain, can cope nicely with the bright vivid smears, and also with the high contrast black dots, but it can only manage to peer at one, or the other, at the same time.
It makes the composition seem rather jumpy, doesn’t it? The colours and the black bits, sort of, fight each other for attention. When your brain is thinking contrast, the black is the easy winner, but then you go for the colour, that seems to take over, and it is more pleasant to look at.
Also, this piece looks quite different when viewed from different distances – from a way off it looks intriguing, and close up it gets surprisingly intricate. Isn’t intricate a good word?
Perhaps I should write a book about this! Ha!…
Anyway, there it is!
Busy, isn’t it?…

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Some more characters of Crush…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s architectural term is, Motte-and-Bailey – just a popular design for your Norman Castle.

Veronica Crush, writer from the glory days of the Hull Surrealist League, now living in New York with tall tree surgeon and heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune, Monty Tick, has just sent me an email. It had a link to a picture of Salvador Dalí scratching his nose with a small model of the Venus de Milo.
She says that she watched the funeral of HM the Queen on the TV, and she and Monty got ridiculously drunk at the same time – she says that the British are so very, very good at surrealism, and that she almost wants to come back!
In the message, she added a list of her spare character names (she comes up new ones every day, more than she can ever put in her work) so that I can put them on my blog, to be used, free of charge, by any young writers who struggle naming the characters in their works. She says that inventing people is not as easy as you might think.
As usual, she has slipped a real person into the list. See if you can spot which one! The solution to her little puzzle may be found via the link at the foot of the page.

Syd Mollesta
The Reverend Clive Meershort
Delia Ripples
‘Big’ Brent Bigdoor
Margaret Thatched
Terry P Tanki
Nancy Bollingbob RA
Horace Hostile KC
Sir Jacob Mahlstick
Tommy Montgomery-Molley
Lady Popsie Webchalk-Pins.
Francis de Wolff
The Honerable Garth Straps.
Fiorenza Pinktail
Sandi Cuteslip
For the solution to V’s puzzle, please click here.

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It’s that lino print with the…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s carefully selected colours are: puma pink, terrapin turquoise, lion lemon, aardvark azure, cheetah cherry, baboon burgundy, skunk scarlet, and orangutan orange.

Hm, yes, it’s the lino print with the things in the sky, if indeed that is a sky. I suppose the space, being pretty empty, apart from the, er, things, and occupying the most of the upper part of the composition, it does appear, fairly, sky-like. Yes, have it as a sky, if you want.
The final thing does look quite a lot like the preliminary drawing (that’s unusual!) that I showed you in a post a few days ago, dear reader. Do click here.
I recall muttering something about bananas and pieces of a satsuma bobbing about up there. Of course, it’s up to you, what you make of those ‘forms’.
Still, anyway, the print was done, and it is similar to the first drawing. I think we’d better view it now, don’t you?


Lino Print. 2021. Oil-based ink on thin Japanese paper, about A4 in size.

When thinking about posting this work, I must confess that I was, at first, a bit iffy about it – I was looking at the rough first test print, on copy paper, stuck, with a lot of others on my studio/workshop wall, and I thought it looked a bit, er… what shall we say? Boring, and empty?
I suppose it was all the other first prints close to it, ones with a lot more detail in them, that made it look a bit dull. But looking at it now, I’m growing to like it. It actually looks pretty active – almost making a noise. Well, no, not a noise, but there is, I think, a lot of movement, action, in it.

Look out! Here they come! Are they bananas, or are they satsuma segments? We don’t know, but, everyone, everyone, do keep your heads down! What’s going to happen when they land on the sharp triangles? I don’t know! I don’t know! Just look at those sharp, pointy edges! Expect explosions!… Expect explosions!…
Do you like spacial effect, the depth, dear reader? How they get smaller towards the horizon.
Gosh! What an awful noise they make as they fly over us!
Look up everyone! Holes in the sky! Holes in the sky!…
Or are they, pieces of satsuma oranges?

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An ice cold pocket?…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s weather will feature: short beaked birds staring upwards, opposing billowing clouds from west and east, a faint whiff of autumn, tall trees rustling their high leaves, things moving and scurrying quickly under hedges, Virginia creeper slowly turning bright red, and a ruddy golden sunset, to match, is expected.

See, it’s alright watching these silly, but intense, muttering ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, and their programmes on the TV, even if you play a guitar, and drink a mug of tea during the process – oh and also, one may jot down a few bits of dialogue and voice over from it, for some future blogging.
The funny thing is that, even though I have no belief in such daft things, when I get up from watching them, to perhaps nip into the kitchen, or bathroom, or just glance out of the window into the street, being preprogrammed by the show, I start thinking that I hear sounds, and mumblings, in the walls, and observe flaky shadows moving, just behind that half-open door, yes, that door, to a murky unlit room, just over there. Yes, the mood and jitteriness of the participants of the show clearly starts to creep out and get hold of you…
Ah, stupidity!

Dear reader, do you find my ghost show jottings of interest?

He says he saw a pale apparition through the basement window – now I hear, an unknown slow human voice – suddenly, I feel the spirits, over here – this maybe an interactive porcelain sink! – is there anyone in here, with us? – an absolute ton of dark history! – yes, yes, and with my own eyes! – let’s switch on the Spirit Box now – the demonologists? – entities, are, now, coming, to life –  shit! What was that! – the sound of a heavy dropped trunk! – that old talk of a notorious spirit – Do you want to talk to us? – I’m getting massive EMF spikes on my meter! – Do you want to talk to us? – we are in, the belly, of the beast! – that super super piercing cry! – ah, a sudden pain in my back! – Fuck! Fuck! – interdimensional audio! – the spirit, just made me, feel it – mysterious depths! –  hush! Now a woman’s voice! – from this direction, that direction! – do you hear banging sticks? – I do – what is the reading on the scale? – a man, moaning – oh, an ice-cold pocket of air! – no, no, no!…

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Proficiency at working plastics can be profitable at any time…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s interesting fish names are: the Airsac Catfish, the Goatfish, the Bitterling, the Bleak, the Loweye Catfish, and Owen’s Pupfish. Me, I’m more attracted to the ones that don’t have ‘fish’ in the name, I’m surprised that there isn’t included, a Fishfish!

It’s another old, cheap junk shop book from my small collection.
The 1954 Gadgets Annual – specially compiled by W N Shaw from features published in the Gadgets Magazine – as, dear reader, you can see from this photo of the title page: Good old W N Shaw!

DSCN3900Yes, the 1950s when people in the UK mended and repaired things when they failed or broke, instead of throwing them willy-nilly into a landfill, and buying another one online. Back then, you could, with the help of the magazine, or this book, repair and also make new useful items for the home and garden.
Perhaps an interesting and eye-catching toast rack?
I haven’t got a toast rack. Do you know anyone who has a toast rack, a rack for toast? I don’t.
Ah, let’s look at page 74 – here’s a very nice looking one!


‘More tea Albert’?
‘Yes, thank you dear… Madge, I’m thinking of popping out for ten minutes, this afternoon, to get some three-sixteenths of an inch Perspex.’
‘I see…’
‘I think I know a shop that stocks it.’
‘Do you, Albert’?
‘Yes, dear.’
‘I thought I saw you looking at that awful magazine again’!
‘Awful, dear’?
‘Yes. What is it – this time’?
‘Look, here it is, there’s a very nice drawing of it.’
‘But Albert, we only do two slices of toast, one each – do we need…’?
‘It’s such an interesting thing to make, dear.’
‘It looks ugly as sin Albert, what colour would it be’?
‘Any colour you like, it depends on what the shop has in stock. I was thinking of bright green, dear.’
‘We don’t need one, for two slices of toast, they go, very easily, on an ordinary plate.’
‘Apparently, people make things like this, and shops sell them for you, it says so, in the article. Novel items, if they are well made…’
‘It’s very ugly, Albert.’
‘No, no, dear, it’s modern!… And it’s pleasing in appearance.’
‘Green you say’?
‘Any colour you like, Madge’!
‘Let me see it, pass it over…’
‘How will you do those Z bends. Albert’?
‘Doesn’t it say, in the article’?
‘Hm, I suppose you have to heat it up, somehow…’
‘It’s ugly as sin, Albert.’
‘You said that earlier.’
‘I know, and I’ll bet it would rock, on the table.’
‘Hm… Annoyingly…’


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It’s just a photo of a station…

But first…
Dulltown UK: Today’s dictionary words are: warragal, sacellum, surah, flaser, climacteric, sarrusophone, and besprent. Please have these words looked up and placed in suitable sentences ready for Professor Mouldie first thing after breakfast tomorrow morning. Extra marks will be awarded to students wearing heavy, muddy, walking boots.

Hm, yes, it’s just a photo of the inside of a railway station.
Yes, a railway station, I really don’t like the sound of ‘train station’ that people often like to use.
You know, when you arrive ten minutes, or longer, early for your train, you start walking around the place, thinking about how horribly full the thing will be when it arrives, and if you’ll be able to get a seat. You might even buy a drink and sandwich, or look at the architecture of the station, if it is good enough.
All the nicest ones are the old ones, the Victorian ones, from when steam train travel was bubbling and classy. Modern stations are either bland, or just ugly – just look at that really dark and horrible one in Leeds. But this picture is of the one in York – stone and steel – picture taken from the bridge over the tracks. It is nice, and it is bright and airy, and it has some lovely smooth curves in it.


It’s not my usual style of photograph, is it, dear reader?
No oddities, or surrealism here, just a pleasant and impressive railway station in the North of England.
Now, then, I hope that Dulltown is somewhere on that glowing display – which platform will I want?…

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What is it that those TV ads are trying to tell us?…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s lost plectrum is the one eventually found inside the acoustic guitar. It was retrieved by a period of steady shaking of the instrument held horizontal with its soundhole down.

You’ve got to love it! –  99.9 percent of bacteria – just find your groove! – money is tight! – dry sensitive skin? – every little helps! – to help us relax! – nature’s essential oils – roses are red – true-crime series – lemons! – more savings on your travels! – make taste, avoid waste! – some graphic images of germs! – bleeding gums? – malodour! – let nature lift you – no added sulphates – convenient chewables – compare the markets! – freshness is everything! – make money, easily! – ultra luxury! – a magical occasion! – be a rewards grabber – play for free – soft surfaces – we are here, for you! – energy bills? – geographical locations apply – week-nights of horror! – it’s who you play with – sixty recipes each week! – every whirl of the wheel – is it time, to switch? – those prices that you love! – unbelievable fitness!

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It’s just another lino print rough sketch…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s very odd and rather strange word is – Kingdom.

Actually, I’m a bit embarrassed by today’s photograph. No, not because it’s a bad photo, but that it is rather the like the previous ‘lino design’ one, which showed an idea for a print, from a few weeks ago.
Same scratty bench worktop, same mug of green tea, same pencil in a pencil holder that doesn’t need one, and…


Oh, look, there’s a piece of lino too. It looks unusually thick because the lino is glued to a piece of plywood – I don’t like doing my cutting, messing about, with flopping-about lino – I like the stuff to stay where it is, and not fidget and squirm at the least whim.
Of course, instead of typing all this inconsequential stuff, I could be watching the late Queen’s funeral live on the TV – no, really, I think I’d rather be doing this.
Look underneath, there is an A4 sketch pad, and a page has a rectangle set out on it (by drawing round the block) where the final tinkering considered drawing will be done.

Yes, this one looks like a pretty simple print – there’s nothing wrong with being simple for a change! Some semicircles in the ‘sky’ and a few black higgledy-piggledy triangles scattered about below.
Of course, those semicircles, arcs, could be seen as holes drilled into a white surface, or could be seen as just some scattered bananas, or some lined-up satsuma segments.
That tea looks nice! I think I might go and make a mug, right now!
Hm… I’ll bet that the funeral will be playing, in hushed, serious tones, on the kitchen radio. I suppose the great colourful event could be seen as surrealism, big time.
Dali would have probably loved it!

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What have those classical singers been up to?…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s puzzle is: Oh, hang on, I’ve forgotten the name of our new Prime Minister!
I think it is two monosyllables…

A couple of days ago, the British, and the World Service, radio stations were still full of stuff about the dead Queen, they have been for days. In my studio/workshop, I was filling in some squares, with my fine black Mitsubishi pen – on the drawing board was my latest ‘Black Dots’ painting/drawing. I went to the radio and clicked it over to the BBC’s classical music station, BBC 3. Of course, it was playing sombre music only, but some of it did have singing in it.
Yes, I would knock off with the squares now and again, to rest my wrist, a wrist rest, and jot down some of what I thought the classical singers might be singing, and gushing on, about:

‘Oh, Lord, yea! A parlour phone’!
‘Ah, ’tis a Tenniel mood…’
‘Pile any, any, quire! But who shall save us’?
‘Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot…’
‘With dog eggs, so, Edward’!
‘Hail!… About Dick’s, a star is forming.’
‘Gloria! A millipede send’!
‘Sing to the Lord. Whoop, whoop, we saw.’
‘The jelly-cod is truly barking!…’
‘Hoops ahead, hoops ahead’!
‘But heeds are ahead’!
‘Khaki parky, all the things are shown, now out.’
‘Such quells. You see that Danny, was a battery.’
‘Ah, ’tis glorious buns! Bop-boo! Bop-boo’!
‘Now, just a glowing distant finial…’

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Mail art postcard, No. 4593…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s lost plectrum was the one eventually found by the Mars Rover Curiosity in a murky crevice near some sand dunes.

Hm, yes, it’s card number 4593. I’m really glad, all those years ago, that I decided to number these things. Phew, 4593 is a lot, isn’t it? And 4593 was done, oh, at least five years ago!
This is just a simple one – it’s really just a dog, with new eyes.

WP F 4593

But the composition does work quite well. I suppose.
I think this is what dog owners see, when they look at their beast, oh, and when their beast looks up at them.

‘Oh, dear, I think Jasper might be hungry’?
‘I don’t think he likes the new, and cheaper, supermarket brand dog food.’
‘His eyes look, er, wearisome…’
‘I’m, not sure what wearisome actually means.’
‘Well, I think it means, tired and a bit bored, possibly…’
‘I think he’s a wearisome dog anyway – spends all his spare time reading clever books.’
‘Clever books’?
‘Yes, Jean-Paul Sartre’s Nausea, he’s read that one twice’!
‘Yes, and in the French, I’ve also seen him, in the evenings, on the rug in front of the fire, pawing at Camus’s The Stranger‘!
‘Are dogs supposed to get into literature’?
‘Oh, yes, he wags his tail when reading. The Dog Book says that it is quite common, most go for Agatha Christy novels, though.’
‘I suppose they like the “chase” element in them…’
‘S’pose so…’
‘He’s very cute, isn’t he’?
‘Mm, sometimes, he is…’


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Just a few short, but pithy, items…

Dulltown, UK: Today’s dictionary words are: auxometer, aventurine, avulse, autophagous, axolotl, aweto, and zopilote. Please have these words looked up and placed in suitable sentences ready for Professor Mouldie first thing after breakfast tomorrow morning. Extra marks will be awarded to the students with the most round, shapely knees.

Excuses for being late. No. 495:
I’m sorry I’m late, but I was thinking of having my assets frozen.

A single overheard remark:
‘No, Judy, he had a shiny voice…’

Sometimes, no often, when I go into an art gallery showing current stuff, I look at it, and walk round very quickly, say for about a minute or so, and then stride out, sighing, shaking my head, and muttering angry expletives, into the clean refreshing air of the street.

The Royal Family – no, you see, being British, I’m rather embarrassed that we actually have them.

And today’s link to an interesting song, is one by Beck.
He did some really good things, things that didn’t sound like anyone else’s things. That’s unusual.
Lots of changes, riffs, and textures, and always surprising, and his words were bloody good, and funny, and ironic, too! Yes, I like him. He popped up on my studio/workshop MP3 player yesterday. Yes, I was bobbing around the room in time with its rhythm!
Yes, please click here!

New guitar strings:
You see, I like to put a new set of strings on, about, oh, every six years – whether the guitar needs them or not.

I wonder if there’s any spam in my comments box?
I think that spam is probably dying out, it’s a thing of the past, I reckon. Oh, but here’s something from someone with the unlikely name of Tudocompey:
It’s good to know thaqt players will get the same kind of unprecedented service bby means of the Spun Casino app as the y did the online casino. There is thee one well-known for its elegantly styled spolrts vehicles and luxurious saloons by understanding the terms, you will be capable of make an knowledgeable determination on how one can strategy the platform.
Well, Tudocompey, thank you for getting in touch! I’m desperate for casino news! Ha ha ha ha! And, I was just wondering myself about strategying the platform, and you have come to my aid! Do keep sending me your crap like this! I love it!
Best wishes, from Dulltown UK!

Yes, I’m thinking of changing my name to, May Singa-Mayzing.

A single overheard remark:
‘No Tomas, it was just his ligaments, and soft tender spot…’

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Dave, the black dots series?…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s carefully selected colours are: leg lime, elbow emerald, forehead fawn, arse azure, patella pink, thigh turquoise, buttock blue, groin green, and heel heliotrope.

‘So, it’s a ‘series’ then, Dave’?
‘Well, I suppose so, but it wasn’t meant to be.’
‘Wasn’t it’?
‘No, I think it all started with my just messing about with spots of bright colour on white paper.’
‘But, how did the black dots come in, then?… By the way…’
‘I see that you are, when you use an exclamation mark, or a question mark, at the end of your sentence, putting it outside the quotation marks’!
‘What? Like this‘?
‘Well, I never used to do that, but my spellchecker, er… insisted on it’!
‘I’ve never heard of that’!
‘No, I hadn’t either. Spellchecker knows best!… Now… where were we’?
‘Bright colour on white paper…’
‘Oh yes, when it was half finished, it looked a bit too bland and, er…’
‘Yes, I didn’t want it too pretty, the cheery colours were begging for some sort of contrast.’
‘Such as, some abrupt quick black dots’?
‘Yes. Willy-nilly, black dots.’
‘And later on, you did some more drawings, or paintings, like that’?
‘Hm… Yes… Would you like to see, Black Dots No.7‘?

Black Dots. No. 7. 2022. Pastel and black ink on paper. About 28″ x 19″ (70 mm x 48 mm)

‘There’s only one dot on it.’
‘Hm… yes… I suppose so.’
‘Well what’?
‘Just the one, then’?
‘Yes, but it still works, doesn’t it’?
‘You think the one black spot balances all that splurged colour’?
‘Yes… Dave… I still can’t get used to the quotation marks being inside when there’s an exclamation mark, or a question mark…’
‘Hm… Yes, yes, I know what you mean’!

The area in the middle, which looks a bit grey, is actually white – just a photographic error, I’m afraid.

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Some opening lines for stories never to be written…

But first…
Dulltown, UK: Today’s cuttlefish is the one sitting in the café, sipping tea, and reading an old hardback edition of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment.

Ralph popped into the bank on his way home from work, and asked to see some money – but they refused, saying that they didn’t have any. As soon as he got home, to his surprise, he saw that Pamela was sitting at the kitchen table, cigarette in her mouth. She was puffing and blowing, and was trying to count twenty pound notes from a massive pile of them in front of her. Ralph opened his mouth to speak, but she…

It was right in the middle of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 24 in C minor when two of the violinists started a fist fight. The conductor was quickly aware of it, but he froze on the podium and dropped his baton. The two violinists, suddenly bloody faced, were now rolling about on the floor on top of their crushed instruments, legs waving. The rest of the orchestra watched, but they played. At the end, how the audience cheered…

Avoiding a wayward bicycle, the bus swayed, one wheel ascending the pavement; it brushed against the foot of a ladder leaning against the chiropodist’s front wall, the ladder fell, and its end smote a small tree full of birds, they scattered, one of them fluttered headlong into the horn of a euphonium, held by a small bald busking player outside the café. The euphonium glittered gold in the sunlight, as it was vigorously shaken…

Rapscallion Steernob was first in the ring. He leapt about and cartwheeled. His adversary, Bruce Bentpike, squirmed in under the bottom rope, he was looking not at his best. The referee entered, raised his banana to his lips, and pretended to blow on it. The crowd roared! Brentpike reached down and brought up a crimson silk cloak with many Mona Lisa’s printed on it. Steernob, ran over, hugged the referee, and grinned out…

The early morning mist was clinging to the rough ground like a sombre blanket; the hill was steeper than she remembered, mud was clinging thickly, making her boots feel heavy, as she climbed. An owl hooted, and a fox barked twice. She took out her watch and put it away again without looking at it. The mud suddenly turned to gravel; a crumpled stone wall, and the first gravestone, was now visible. She opened her pouch and took out her hammer…

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